Thursday, April 12, 2007


I found this quote in my one of my creative files. I shared with a treasured friend of mine today in email, that I just don't get the fact that wanting a pure heart and trying to do the right thing before God and be a person of honorable character just doesn't match the world system. In honesty, I realize it doesn't match my heart system either at times, as I desire the pure heart to be forefront in my life but in a moments notice, fall and think "Me oh my, where did that come from? I thought that was gone from my nature!". Who knows, my not getting this could be the fact that I am growing for the better in my soul and hopefully cause me to move in courage and hold onto the gentle hand of God who is trying to lead me and everyone else through this life. One can hope at least. Funny, even at age 41, I want people to know me as this fun loving, caring woman that just has a gentle heart for God that is just in a word, True. I do not mean this in a religious, A-type personality sense, but, that I have a real personal relationship with God and more a person of good and honorable character that makes people smile until their cheeks hurt and leave people better than I found them. This being human stuff is just hard sometimes. Hopefully I will grasp that just being me, with my at times baby steps towards him with scars and all before God is just enough. Now, there is my deep and oh so transparent heart for you today.

I pray your day is filled with truly happy smiles of courage.

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paige knudsen said...

you know i love it you transparent honest true & loyal friend!!
wonderful blessings found daily right here!!!