Friday, June 26, 2009

{Possibilities and Sunshine!}

Smile like you mean it today!
No, this is not a random if you choose to request.
Throwing you some sunshine. Hope you catch it!

Sorry to be so crazy positive, but I woke up with a song in my heart this morning.
I felt like light hit my soul and smiles are everywhere.
No, my circumstances have not changed. 
Yes, very painful and challenging in many areas presently.
You would either laugh or cry at each of my situations. But that is all ok, because 
people it is life and we all go through hard seasons.

It is how we handle them that makes us true!

The good is that there are these pieces of my life presently that feel color as if someone lifted the rooftop off for the sunshine to come in and it just is good. 
I made a decision that I will do no more beige living.

 Something in my heart changed, as I woke up this morning.
I think it has been happening for a while. I just had to allow it in.
I had to realize that I can feel light or not be perfect and fall and God will still love me.
I realize I can live in faith and expectancy for good.
The solid kind of good that holds hope!
I realize God can turn any situation for positive. I just have to be ready and smiling.
And just answer Him with a "What can I do this moment with a willing attitude!"

God is well able to make beauty for my ashes and yours too!
Life will be a living testimony to bring light to others. It just will!
Starting right now.

No more sorrowful heart for me. 
I am throwing it out the window and letting the sunshine in!

This morning, a song lit up my soul and it was good!
I felt the need to dance, sing and smile. All three my passions in life.
And yes, I danced and sang and smiled and I don't care if you know. 
You know you want to sometimes too!
 I want to feel what joy and free in my soul feels like and God gave that to me.

Sometimes God doesn't tell us His plan, 
because we wouldn't believe it anyway. 
- Carlton Pearson

"What is impossible to men is possible with God."

Is there a situation in your life today that seems impossible? As a child of the Most High God, you are not limited by what you see. You are not limited by your circumstances, the economy, or what others say because with God all things are possible! It doesn't matter how it looks in the natural, when you see things through your eyes of faith, you will see new possibilities! You will see the answer is on it's way!

It all starts by having a grateful attitude: an attitude of faith and expectancy. When you declare the promises of God over your life and meditate on His Word, it activates FAITH in your heart. Faith draws good things of God into your life. When you wake up every morning, declare that with God all things are possible. Declare that you are blessed and you cannot be cursed. Declare that you re above only and not beneath. Expect God's favor and blessing in your life every day. As you do, you will see Him move on your behalf, and you'll see new levels of possibility in every area of your life!

It just will happen people. Do you believe it with me?!

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank you for making a way where there seems to be no way. I choose an attitude of faith and expectancy today. Work in my heart and life that I may be a living testimony of Your goodness to those around me. In Jesus' Name. 

And all God's children said, AMEN!

Happy Every Second In Your Life Today! I pray that Big for you!
Let the sunshine in your soul. It feels good!

I double dog dare you to try!

Images via cblog and brownbutton

Thursday, June 25, 2009

{Lessons From An 8 Year Old Girly}

Me and PG • Love her big, Oh my I do!

The Lord is my shepherd
I have all I need (and so much more)
He lets me rest in green meadows
He leads me beside peaceful streams
He renews my strength
Psalm 23: 2-3

My niece (AKA: My Lulupie) showed me this verse last night in action as 
I watched in her this calmness and ability to find great smiles. 
Her laughter could not help but be rubbed a little off on everyone that surrounded her.

Her life is colorful both in challenges, heartbreak and smiles.
However, she sits though as in the center of His Peaceful Streams and smiles back to life 
and just finds wonder in any challenge. She waits on God with expectancy of great. As if to step solidly in confidence in God, no matter the shaky ground presented her.

It has humbled me to watch this amazing in her.

We did a group hug with her right in the center before we all parted ways.
She is headed to her father's for a week, so a love-you-big-hug was in order!
 As we all loved and giggled in this family group hug, it radiated this precious and beautiful feeling.  Like God was giving us big and calming smiles 
over all our hearts trying to tell us, all will be good.
Goodness, I am blessed by my family and think you would be too.

Praying over you MyLulupie many great smiles, great care,
 safety and much laughter this week! 
Thank you for teaching me to trust in God, no matter life storms.

Happy Thursday to You All!

Monday, June 22, 2009

{A little Monday BRAVE for ya!!}

I love the man that can smile in trouble,
that can gather strength from distress,
and grow BRAVE by reflection. 'Tis the
business of little minds to shrink, but
he whose HEART is FIRM, and whose
conscience approves his conduct
will pursue his principles unto death.

-Thomas Paine

Praying and wishing your week is full of 
BRAVE, HOPE and SUCCESS in every way. 
Yes people, I mean so much amazing that is surprises you!!!!!!!! a positive way kind of surprise. You know what I am sayin!
....And all God's children said AMEN!!!!!!
Image via: Ashes and Snow

Friday, June 19, 2009


In my Friday dreams, I am there below (See my feet? Smile!), 
behind door #5, changing into a bikini to go into the ocean
and find a smile!

I know..., It's a dream, but MY dream no less!
Wide awake,
I can make
my most fantastic
come true!
-Lorentz Hart

Oh me, oh my. This would be a pretty place to be, don't ya think?!
Oh, yes it would!!!!!

Breathe in, Breathe out, Sunshine on the soul and Ahhhhhhhh!

Happy, Happy Weekend to You!

Image: via Hotel Axucar Mexico and Seychelle Island

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{Love Who You Are!}

Love who you are right now! 
Not later today, not in an hour, but right this very second,
and let God's sunshine go into the marrow of your bones 
and shoot out amazing beauty and light through your soul!

After all, "You are A light of the world..." Matt 5:14-15
God said it, not me! So believe it!

He can do this, he just can if you let him!
I know I am gonna!  Please say you are up for amazing too!

Hope your Tuesday finds not just good, but AMAZING!
I just do for you, me, all of us!

I have this image in a big print on my office desk. I love it!
So, I thought I would share with you too. Enjoy!
Image via: Papaya

Friday, June 12, 2009

{Thank you for Being Many Rainbows!}

What you all are to me....
Sometimes God sends the brilliant light of a 
rainbow to remind us of his presence, lest we forget in our 
personal darkness His great and gracious 
promises to never leave us alone 
- Verdell Davis

There are these blogs out there that bring me smiles so big!
I didn't want to just send an award as that doesn't hit to the heart of 
what you all are to me either by way of friendship, or just pure inspiration and smiles!

You inspire me...
You make me smile or just laugh-out-loud because we should...
You warm my heart on a rainy day...
You make me feel like I can do anything...
You help me see color.....
You bring me closer to our creator, God...
You make me want to be a better me and a better giver...
Or, make me want to get a tattoo....with a bible verse of course, wink!
You make me want to sit on a sidewalk with you and drink ice tea and have laughter...
You show me I can have faith and fly...
You truly inspire me and warm my soul...

So to each of you I thank you for all the wonderful you bring to my life!
I am so very blessed by you!!!!!

The closest thing to me besides my family and fiancé ~ my life long, kindred friend is she.
We have walked though life's joys and tears with one another, 
though not always perfect by any means, but we try and that matters. A rare find in life.
She taught me how to find grace in the midst of life challenges by her walk, not by words.
Her heart and love for God, her husband,  family and friends is evident in every beautiful word she writes and she is a bright light to many.
To be in her in-person company one smiles much, and giggles with her girls too. 
Her home is yummy like the best creamy dessert! You would not want to leave! 
Her gift for photography and catching emotion of her girls 
within an image, well, we all know this as amazing! She is extremely creative! 
Her ability to find laughter with me no matter what, or just a gentle heart 
that is rich in her soul, is my blessing! For that I am grateful.
She is your blessing too. Love you girly, I just do!
Lissa, you call me and well, everyone to a better self. 
I love Jesus more in a real way because of you.
 You are just part of all of us and I am blessed to call you my close and very dear friend.
Your taste in home delights that echos mine! Sometimes exactly, smile!
You Lissa, have a love for God that just shines always. Girly, God is going to show something so precious and amazing though you that it will change the hearts of many. You wait and see. What she offers just as a person - Amazing. She is just warm and funny and real. I love being real in her phone company and love to laugh-out-loud with her! 
Lissa you are in every way as we say in the 
South..., precious-darlin but with a solid strong/brave/courage added too!

This girly is the other Beth Moore in her writings. 
Sometimes when reading her blog I will say audibly, "Ok God, I get it!"
She is Lissa's precious sister - So yes, there are two precious-darlin's out there!
I am closer to God because of her. Who wouldn't be after reading her blog!
What God is going to do in this world through 
her will be amazing. Not just in her writing, 
but I hear her singing is powerful too, so watch out world!
Please go visit her blog. You will be blessed in an amazing way! 
If you do not know this blog or girl, you should. Her taste is impeccable and her love for God is amazing.  Everyday Charmaine you are an inspiration to my work, and my soul.
So glad to find you and love getting to know you!
Yes, you better visit if you come to Atlanta!

Tara - Blondie "N" SC
She is personal to me when I read her blog,
 as if she was a friend as a little girl that I played hopscotch with,
and we reconnected somehow and said to one another
"We are so much fun, how did we loose touch with one another?" 
So glad to be back in touch with you Tara, if just through reading your blog, smile. 
Love everything about your real and true that you write within your blog.

I find a smile always on her blog beyond all the beautiful. Kasey thinks and writes in a funny wit that is like no other. I don't have words other than to say, we all love you! You know we do!
Girly the inspiration here is endless, you have such a warm and calm heart and you make a girl want a pretty garden and to just walk with you as you find inspiration for your beautiful images you take, or just be the kind of friend back to you that you are to so many!
Dita-precious and beautiful, beautiful soul.  You all should know this girl. Besides her beautiful family that is gorgeous because they are, well beautiful, Dita shines goodness and a pure heart! 
Love her like a friend that just has always known my soul and gives me hope.
I hope I can give you that much goodness right back your way!
This girly shares her soul and her real, her God, her family, her passion for art 
and her friendship to all. Gentle soul is she. I love her smile and her open heart, period!

What is there not to say about her blog. Love it here everyday and just 
feel like I know her. Please don't miss out on her blog because it is an amazing find,
but her soul is precious and lovely!
Daisy -Daisy Pink Cupcake
While the world goes white this girl shows me color. 
Her blog makes me smile big and brings inspiration to my day.

Why I get a sense of calm from this girl no matter what. I think I could go to this girls house and just have a nice glass of red wine, walk her garden and just talk about simple or something of smile nature and it would all just be good. A lovely soul is she!

My Precious Friend you are! Beyond her Seaside yummy taste she is showing 
each of us how to be BRAVE and walk in faith. She is a light with a strong soul. 
I am honored to have her as my friend.

Just everything is yummy here!

Best for last. My Mom- Susan, Sister-Gretchen and Niece-Peyton Grace.
My Mom writes this blog for their new business/farm called "Sweet Grace Farms".
This magical place will hold children's gardens to beautiful weddings and more creativity that will be amazing! You haven't seen her creativity yet people. 
It is likened to Martha Stewart meets Shabby Chic on steroids!
No I am not kidding you!
I am so proud of these women and love them.
My Mom is "My Person" and inspiration in this life to be all I can be for God, for others and that nothing is impossible. Nothing! 
She loves white as much as she loves color...
...Both are her heart if you could see inside. 
She is the best person I have ever known in this life and I love her. 

Gretchen is a dreamer and a it can happen it just will kind of girl. She makes me giggle, she helps me grow and believe in big dreams too with her, why not thoughts! Love her smile and her soul I do! So glad you are my sister and friend!

Peyton Grace - So many words, but simply she 
makes my soul shine like the best day of one's life!

There are so many more. I can go on and on. Truly I can, from Kim at Three Peanuts to Anne from Annechovie to Lisa from Long Road to China. Kim, what a beautiful Mamma and soul is she! Lisa is one of the kindest and most welcoming people you will ever meet, as I was fortunate enough to meet in person and an amazing photographer. Anne a painter with words in comments that sound like how an angel would talk to one's soul. 

Don't think I don't have many more fav's to shine a big light on and post. I will soon!

I wish to tell each of you that I adore you. How many times did I say...precious soul is she? I mean that about each of you! I thank you for making me so much more richer in every aspect. Goodness, if I could gift each of you with a million blessings and smiles I just would! God did amazing when he created each of you and I am blessed!


I have yet to post my fav's in Norway.  An amazing treasure there and will post all soon! You too will love each of these girls and the amazing they have to offer. You just will.

Image of hand with starfish via: I don't know where I found it, but think it is beautiful. 
Wish I did. If you know, let me know so I can post!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"For Your Day, For My Day, For All Our Days!"

 "Dream no small dreams for they have 
no power to move the hearts of men!" 
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

I am the quote girl as of late, I know. I have always loved quotes,
but it seems to be necessary in my life right now and well, they make me happy!
I know you all understand and are smiling right back!

...and like the t-shirt Calamity Jane saying, I am going to do just that! 
Taking on a new and big dream! Add a bunch of BRAVE, hard work, a cup of grace, action, and big dashes of laughter  (that is a necessity for life people!) too 
and see it through to great, I just will! 

That is not an if, or a when, but a NOW. 

...are you up for the challenge too?

I love this shirt and others on this site Gypsyville

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

{Growing the Soul}

Nobody knows your limits better than you do,
but every once in a while somebody will 
question all you know and they 
will push you to grow inside your soul for the better.
You might kick and scream, but you will be richer in character, 
more real and imperfectly-perfect, or free to just be,
and stronger for the journey.

...and in the center of that is where God will meet you and 
make great use of your trials and turn them into beauty.

Below is a formal apology (Yes, it is funny too!) to the people that one might kick & scream, 
or even smile with glee in future thinking with, as they 
show one how to trust, spread one's wings and grow the soul! 

To all of you that I owe one of these formal apologies below for helping me grow into the woman God desires of me, or just helping me see color in life as beautiful, thank you for making my life richer than I ever thought possible!

Click on the image to see larger. It is worth the read, a big smile, and possibly a print out.
Big smiles to your Tuesday!
Image via: i heart this. The apology was sent to me in an email. 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

{Reminder Bigger Than A Finger Bow. Because people, the point is Big!}

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of
all the pointless drama & the people who create it
& surround yourself with people who make you laugh
so hard that you forget the bad & focus solely 
on the good. After all, life is too 
short to be anything but happy! 

Smile filled Monday to you all!

Thank you for the joy and laugh-so-hard moments you bring to my life!
I pray I bless you back 100-fold and shine sweet laughter into the depths of your souls too!

image via: we heart it

Friday, June 5, 2009

{Happy Beautiful Weekend!}

I ran across these images and just smiled so big. 
She is truly the light of my life! 
Precious to me beyond words!!!!!!!!
You are beautiful to me, and just like the song below
 "What makes you different",  you are truly  a precious rose that can grow anywhere!
You fill me up full of love you do!

Happy-Beautiful Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

{Bring on the Rain and God Surprises too!)

It is raining today and I am smiling. I can honestly say I am excited about it! 

If we had no rain, the sunshine would not be so pleasant: 
if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, 
prosperity would not be so welcome.

-- Charlotte Bronte

You would not have heard that I enjoy the regular daily rain out of me even 6 months ago! I am not even kidding you! It used to make me feel trapped. If you have ever seen the movie Camelot, that is how I wished the rain to be. Rain all night, but give me sweet sunshine during the day, Amen. 

I need sunshine like people need water. Some of you know what I am talking about! 

However, this precious soul that I adore taught me to love rain and I should in many ways welcome it! I am grateful and would go sit in it now just because I think it would be wonderful, pure and cleansing! Certainly my hair would turn curly and make up would wash off, but I don't care!  

Is it off  in my personality to love the rain when it 
thunders and lightning lights up the sky? HA! 
I am just sayin! 

If yes, I am so good with that as I so do. I always have liked that part of it. 
Adventure girl I am and have always been!

In reflection of the rain to my life currently, there are many, many adversities and storms going on personally and professionally. Too crazy and numerous to name! I feel I am being stripped of who I am, as if rain washing all that I was and making me new and clean again. I feel like God is saying you can trust me with this Kristin.  It feels as if God is asking me to take off the old wineskin and let him make me beautiful and strong in His way and give me beauty for ashes. This is very hard as we (I!!!) can hold onto old wineskins because they are familiar, even if not all good and even a detriment to our lives.  I know he wants new wineskin and beauty for ashes for you too! He just works like that! 

So God, today and every day forward, I give it all to you as I rest in your presence and be still and know that you are God! I am excited about this! No God, I don't want the pain, but if it takes that to grow into who you want me to be, I am willing. Thank you for forgiveness, shedding off fears and for giving me faith and tenacity to walk/run forward. Thank you for desiring to do something with this tattered up soul as mine. I hope I can be your kind of blessing to people through it. Oh, I pray I can be sunshine to people and sweet cleansing rain too...I just do! I am not where I was certainly however safe it looked, but through this walk see little glimmers of light and just good. For that I am grateful! AMEN!
A thought for your day and life....

God wants to surprise and bless you. Just like a surprise in our every day lives from a loved ones causes much delight and joy, making us feel special, God wants to surprise us with His goodness. When we take the time to realize the small surprises that show up in our lives, this will create an attitude of faith and joy. He even wants to take what seems to be a setback or distraction in our lives, and turn it around to bless us; surprising us!

 The Scripture says in Deuteronomy 28, “If we will keep God first place, if we will walk in His ways, all these blessings will overtake us.” That means you won’t be able to outrun the good things of God. One translation of the word “overtake” means “to catch by surprise.” Our Heavenly Father wants to be good to us. He wants to amaze us with His goodness. We should get up every morning with the attitude, “I can’t wait to see what God is going to do!” And you may have had some victories in the past, but you haven’t seen anything yet; God is about to super size your dreams and surprise you by accomplishing more than you can ask or think.

Image: via Etiketter Devotion: J. Osteen   

Monday, June 1, 2009

{Being Creative}

Being creative is not a single act,
but the act of living itself.
the creative woman is on fire with imagination,
ignited by the certainty of her relationship with a living
God and surety of purpose.
She lives in freedom, not measuring herself by the lives around her,
she takes calculated risks, understanding the value of going
beyond the horizon of the known and coming 
back to report what she has discovered.
She tackles life's challenges with heart, intelligence, hands and faith.


Image: via citified

{Be Resilient!} Monday Thought

Dandelions grow out of a sidewalk cracks, edges of the roads, and corners of buildings. - almost anywhere the tiny and delicately beautiful seeds land. Let us not restrict ourselves to places that are familiar, where it's easy to establish ourselves, and where others have already found success. Wish to find your own fertile ground..., and with work and faith, watch 
amazing happen!

Have a beautiful and successful Monday!