Friday, June 24, 2011

Excellence can be attained if you risk more than others think is safe,
care more than others think is wise, dream more than others think is practical,
and expect more than others think is possible.
-author unknown


No, no, these are not my calves, just inspiration.
Goals can happen! Just saying they can come to fruition if 
one keeps humble and willing to be determined enough to try!

...and I am so very game on! 

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is this normal? I do wonder!

Finding humor with things I do in life that make no sense,
but make me smile, still.

Everyday one can find approximately 5-7 beverages on my desk and yes, lined up just like this.
I will deny slight-OCD if asked (lol), but we all know the truth! What is that saying?
You can lie to everyone else, but just don't lie to yourself!
Isn't there some proverb about Cleanliness is next to Godliness?
No people that saying is not actually in the bible, nope not even in the tiny print!
However, I might smile if it were tucked in there somewhere.

My many beverages have been sidekicks of sorts for a long while now.
I never thought a thing about
it other than just reaching
over for my beverage of choice for the moment while I worked. And yes, I drink all of them.
I must need liquid to perform my job tasks I am guessing....and so it goes;
Animate P&L Financial Report (check), Drink beverages (check, check, check, check & check!).
Kind of like being at a wine tasting of sorts, but not really at all! :)
However, the other day I happened to see all of
this liquid out of the corner of my eye while working and said....
"Oh my land, Kristin!"
I giggled at myself and well then, got shall we say a bit concerned if something might wrong with my need for this much liquid. I don't really think an image like this is listed on, so I took an image and text my life-long precious friend and my sister who are both in the medical field to make sure all was OK?

Or, I am just really parched all the time I am guessing!!!!!

Between the daily kale/berry/coconut water protein drink,
7-10 vessels of sorts or more of water day and all of that caffeine in coffee/tea,
I am not certain if I am trying to be healthy or, just stay awake?
Awake indeed!

Do you ever do things in life that make you go hummmm?

Have a great day!

xoxo, A very thirsty me!

Friday, June 17, 2011

{Because It's Friday! Yay!}

I love this version of Adele's, "Rolling in the Deep".

And well, I am kind of partial to hearing a Man such as this,
sing with such a cool voice!

I have to giggle because Jimi Westbrook of Little Big Town
and I somehow became a great
singing duo
this morning
as I worked!
Thank you, LBT back up singers!
Just keeping it real here
, but it makes for a
Friday driven by amazing work deadlines!


Have A great weekend and laugh much, just because it's good!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{The Why's of Positive Thoughts and Wisdom from Tim Tebow}

Life is beautiful people.
Seriously, it really is.

Please know that I am not just throwing happy words, positive quotes,
or bible verses out to the world through this blog often
because I am all about the thought of...

If you think Positive well, you can BE Positive.

It's not that easy.
But, I do believe and learning daily that the words we think and speak make a difference.

I have known people through life that have walked through really hard challenges.
Visibly there was this sustainable twinkle in their eyes. Each person's joy, peace, demeanor and solid trust
were unmoved by their circumstances. I am certain they had moments of heartache, or frustration.
However, it is how they faced their storms with this brave faith and this positive light
that has always struck me as amazing.

I would state out-loud no less, "How do they do this? I think that is Amazing."
I think God heard me say this and is showing me how to stand solid in peace through any storm.

Just saying be careful what you might ask God, because God has a keen sense of hearing! :)

I think, why have this blog, or do this life
if you can't make another smile,
or see and encourage the good I see in another in real life? Or seriously,
just be real enough
in the face of my hardships to
make another see and know that they can have courage too?

I just know from life hitting hard that it is possible to think intentionally
beyond how we feel, or find funny and good courage in the midst of what we
wished looked differently in life circumstances.

Pain or Joy is no respecter of persons. (No news flash here!)

So, choosing Faith and Hope in the midst of either pain or joy is worth a go don't you think?

As I finished writing those words above, I thought of something
that has affected my thoughts this week.
I watched this interview and
much of what Tim Tebow said has held my thoughts in how I live my life, or wish to earnestly.

Why was I watching this video you might ask?
I really like watching sports, not that I always understand every detail, but I want to.
As I do this I get the added benefit of learning and understanding the intricacies
of what I have seen others spending time yelling
at the TV
over (Smile!).
I know you too have seen this. Or, are you a yeller too?
No, I have never yelled at a TV like I have seen many doing watching sports (lol),
but will tell you that I have my favorites that I might give a shout out quietly
with just a smile or quiet "What in Sam-Hill?-Rrrrrr!",
and would like to have enough understanding to have a reason to yell if I wanted to.
I'm just saying to yell at the TV might be cathartic! :)


Here is the interview below of Tim Tebow. Yes, it is worth the watch.
(To watch, please turn off the music below prior to hitting play.)

I hope you find so many reasons to hold solid hope and just good in your moments!
I pray and hope that your week is so full of success that you have to do a double take
to make certain it really happened and say well,
"This life really is beautiful!" with a grateful smile that comes from deep within you
and shines something so amazing, so another can see it and do the same."
That sounds sappy I know, but I mean it!

Trust me, I know this to be true from experiencing some of my
very own hard journey's in life. I just do!!!!!!!
Smiles can happen.
No matter what, they just can.

Have an amazing week!

Image: Hummm...I wish I knew? Video: Fox News

Monday, June 13, 2011

Have An Amazing Day!

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