Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Monday Quote

"Tell me and I will forget;
show me and I may remember;
involve me and I'll understand."
~Chinese Proverb

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh my, sunshine and the beach...sounds yummy!

Happy Weekend to you. I ran across these older file images of the beach. Hopefully I will find my sources for reference and post before weekend end.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Today is Angie's birthday. She turns 40 today and looks as if she isn't a day over 30! We go a bit back, but became friends only over the last couple of years, but I feel like I have known her soul way before time on earth. We became friends in a such a time as this, orchestrated by God kind of friends. Her year last year has been just so very hard from the tragic loss of her little girl, Raegan in Sepetember a week before she turned one year of age and many other just life challenges. This girl seems to just draw near to God and find her safety matter what! I seem to have been blessed with friends like this that face the hard wind of loss and cling tightly to Christ! Angie chooses life, she chooses hope, she chooses laughter beyond intense grief! People drop their jaws when they see her in person because of her stunning beauty, but what I wish they would see is this very funny, amazing, tenderhearted, strong sprited, loving, honorable and giving woman that is so full of light that she is like being in the presence of sunshine. So Angie, I wish you so much goodness and the very best birthday ever. I wish you joy, I wish you hope, I wish you know that you are loved and I wish this year to be so very fully of blessings that you just don't know what to do with them all. You are my heaven friend and I know God has amazing planned for your life. Much love to you friend of mine. Anthony wishes you so much too and sends his love as well.

Her hubby (Don) is taking her away for a surprise Birthday trip. Angie, I wish it to be so very wonderful, happy and romantic time for you!

For some reson I cannot get a picture to load today. I will figure it out later and put a picture of Angie with her daughter Raegan for you to see.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sweet Grace Farms - Wedding Tent

My sister Gretchen sent me this image. I just wanted to post for my Mom, Gretchen and Peyton Grace so they can keep an eyes view of what is to come for Sweet Grace Farms. I love each of you and wish all your amazing dreams to come true in wholeness, with favor and with ease and in true delight. May everything each of you touch prosper in excellence. I love you!

Image via: Sadie Olive blog

Monday, April 7, 2008

Zach and Me Time

Saturday was spent as a creative day with my nephew Zach. We had a blast! We went to lunch, we talked about everything and nothing, we giggled and we had this great creative time to graphically design a t-shirt that had been on his mind. We sat together at my computer, played his kind of music which I loved (loudly) and just had the best time. I am grateful that he would want to spend time with me.  He was incredibly polite and just a gentleman. Thank you Kelly and RJ for instilling these values in him. He even insisted on opening my door no matter where we ended up, including every time I got in or out of my car (which made me giggle every time as he would burst out the car door to meet me). He is going to make a great husband to a wife one day and I pray for her to be every bit as a blessing to him as he will be to her. We topped the day off with coffee and white hot chocolate from Starbucks® very good on a rainy day and that time will go into that sweet time memory that I will cherish always.

Happy Monday to you!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kindred Friend!

Paige, Happy Birthday to you! I pray today filled with hope, 
peace,  amazing giggles and gentle smiles in between for you.

• You are kind
• You love God with all your heart
• You are a wonderful mother and are your girls greatest cheerleader
• You are funny, yet very graceful and love laughter
• You are future thinking
• You are an amazing wife to your sweetie Dan and have shown many 
what it means to have God in the center of a marriage.
• People love being in your company
• You are more creative than you will ever know
• You are an amazing photographer
• You are intelligent and can hold great conversation
• You are just beautiful...Like Miss Universe kind of beautiful!
• You set goals and achieve them
• You love pink, caffeine free diet coke, VW bugs and the beach
• You are great to giggle out loud with
• You are a lover of animals
• You have a sweet and grounded soul
• You are my tender life long kindred friend
• And today, You are the Birthday Queen!

You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord's hand! Isaiah 62:3

I am honored to call you my friend. To you and to many healthy and amazing years to come. Celebrating you wonderful today!