Thursday, February 26, 2009

Be still...

My Sweet and funny niece Peyton Grace sleeping on my couch on Sunday. Oh I love this little girl. Always a breath of fresh air.
"Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are... Let me not
pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. One day I
shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in my pillow, or
stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than
all the world, your return."

-- Mary Jean Iron

Friday, February 20, 2009

So Glad it is Friday!

Long week but grateful for sweet moments and hard moments too. Too busy for words, too much of a cold to sleep, Mom is in Mexico, and something else personal laying tender on my heart. I still believe in happy concerns, take that!
I found the quote above and it made me smile. It's the little things, I know!
So I am posting one of the only French sayings I know as I am trying to learn French...again.

un sourire (soo-reer) noun
: a smile

So glad it is Friday. I have been working on a very uninteresting project with work that needs my full attention. I am trying to push through and be grateful...really I am! I work from home three days a week and in the office two, which is nice. So, onto my day in my home office. I was expecting a package since last Thursday....and then at 2ish...the doorbell rang and my new best friend the UPS man had my package. Funny, I have lived here for almost 10 months and the world of mail still has a hard time finding it's way here. Voila. My new Canon camera showed up as if a burst of sunshine to my otherwise boring project day. My thoughts turned to my friend Debbie who helped me out in this decision. Debbie, thank you for your knowledge on my new journey. You are awesome and an amazing photographer by the way!
This weekend is my fiance's birthday. I am going to make a cake and try this new from scratch recipe. If all else fails I will be all over Publix for one of their cakes :). My family makes big deals out of birthday's. Anthony...not so much. I made reservations at Bones restaurant for a fine dining evening. He said please can I change your plans?...and asked for low key dinner and a movie. He did pick a movie that I am looking forward to seeing so I will go with it. The International. Clive Owen in any movie to me is great and the plot looks interesting.

Much work to finish first before doing fun baking and well, my Friday run in just a moment that I have been looking forward to all day to find some kind of smile again.
....and then a little of this below to hopefully wash all the stress from my week away. OK. There won't be time for that, but a quick shower. The thought sounds nice anyway.

So to you.... How was your week? Was it good or hard? Did you learn something about yourself or give to another? I pray it was wonderful even if under trials and tribulations
or full of smiles. I hope it was the latter!

Have a beautiful, smile filled weekend!

Images via: Sarah Kaye, Beautiful things, Nike.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OCD or Just Me?

It all began in the wee hours this morning in my wonderings of OCD or rationalization of "A Clean Home is next to a Godly home"..., which by the way I found is not a bible verse, smile.  Anyhoo, I am right in the middle of reading the good word as I turned the page and I looked up and then onto the floor to see well...., dust bunnies!  


My next thought is "What in Sam Hill is that?"...."I just swept last night!" Before I knew it my bible was on the chair and I was getting a broom. "Whew, caught the dust bunnies. Praise the Lord!" I said this out loud as if I am this old church lady....I am not! On with the morning because sweeping was sooooo much more important than anything I would learn from God.....NOT. In the midst, I think of my lifelong friend, Paige as she is reading through the bible and I cannot get through "In the beginning God created..... well, dust bunnies". Then off to work at the office. Whew, thank goodness I am here lest I keep cleaning. Keep in mind I have deadlines to meet and in the middle I look over at my other desk....., again dust bunnies! 


I say "God, you are funny!!!!"...and then I cannot help myself and moved as if I was moving through  a life or death situation! I stop what should be my focus while I am at work...., straight to the Clorox cleaning stuff and dust items and start cleaning my office as if Snow White in a Disney movie and imaginary music of "Whistle while you work" is playing in the background!  
Is it just me or is the smell of lemon fresh Clorox cleaning wipes a beautiful smell as if sunshine has hit my office? Am I the only one besides my life long friend that loves the smell of Clorox?
In this, I think of my Mom and how she is in the middle of Mexico serving people. In that thought I think if I were there would I love those people as much or would I have to take my Clorox wipes in and clean the world down before loving? Knowing me, I would clean first, and say..."Mi lapiz es amarillo" which means, my pencil is yellow, as that is about all the spanish I know, smile..., get calm in that part of my world and then look at these lovely souls with a ".....Anyhoo" look on my face and then try to love these sweet ladies in Mexico as they giggle amongst themselves and say to one another under their breathes in spanish that I might well need meds, smile! My soul needs work, but thankfully I can keep a good sense of humor with myself too! That right there is why my Mom is the one there loving and teaching and guiding as I still have much to learn.  I have to giggle at myself as I am back in my calm clean world at my desk where the soft sent of lemon cleaning products have shown their presence in my world. Back to work for this chick!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Mom

Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what's a heaven for?

-- Robert Browning

So...., I was on the phone with "Susan" my mom late afternoon, yesterday. We talked about the weekend and in the end of the conversation I said, "OK, I will talk with you tomorrow.". She then says softly, "Call early because I will be on a plane to Mexico."......, "To do what?", I ask....,"To teach women to sew." Who knew she was even going tomorrow? I talk to her every morning before work begins. We talked about this about a month ago, but quietly she had not mentioned when. That is her heart right there as she serves boldly before the audience of one, God and not people. I pray he blesses and protects her greatly!

This is my Mom. A woman in action with a servants heart. She taught us not to be bragging people in only talking about the highlights of our good, but to be people of truth, being humble and know why you are here on this earth to serve/love and always place God above all else and just be real. She defines her life in a no-room-for-naval-gazing way, by how she lives her life and showed us to live our lives too. She taught us to be people of tenacity and to be souls that encourage others and well, laugh often even when things are hard. And for goodness sake, to be people that choose joy in the midst of hard challenges, and give, because that is where one grows to be people of value and can show the face of God brilliantly. Goodness, I pray some of her lighted vessel that shines good on others, will shine right back all over her as she just deserves to be blessed so much (If you only knew her tenacity to choose joy, really choose joy in the midst of might wish this for her too!). I pray I have learned something too.

In this, if you read this blog at all, would you say a prayer this week for her? I asked her how I could best be there for her or pray. Her response, "Gilberto, the head of their mission in Mexico, has required that we take Men in with us in order to protect us as Mexico is going through some not so good challenges. So, out of our protection, please pray for our safety. Please pray for the hearts of these women who's lives we will be spending our time with." I also ask on her behalf to please pray for these "Men" to be good men of character as they protect her and the people she is there with. Please pray for her a cozy bed to hold her at night, peaceful moments, laugh-out-loud moments, nourishing food to eat, energy for her days and for her to see and know God's presence is right there with them. She would not ask nor require that to go, but I would love that to be so for her! Please pray for many smiles and that my Mom will just know that she knows that God is right there with her in the midst. She would be embarrassed that I posted this, but I would love some prayers for her so if you would not mind praying, I would be so ever grateful!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Breezy Saturday

I spent the day on Saturday with this sweet girly. My niece, Gabrielle. It was a girls day to drive in the car with the music up talking about everything and nothing. We did so much. She did a bit of driving and wonderfully as we went on our way to the farm. She and I did a little photography, a little horseback riding, dinner and a movie.  Just a great day all around. I am glad you live near, Bree. So good to giggle with you and so much fun to have time with you. You are a strong, gentle and really amazing in your maturity in so many areas of life. I was truly in awe of your wisdom in life, your confidence, honesty about your life struggles and just your goals, your boldness, gentleness towards all and your true love for God. You are beautiful inside and out and a great blessing to the world.  I will go back and play a little in photoshop to make the lighting better, but love this image in just it's raw form, untouched. Love you Breezy.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My New Love!

No time to post in my life as of late. More just work and every now and again read a blog or two in between projects, deadlines and life events. Oh yes, and take an amazing photography course from Debbie at pixelfairyprincess this past weekend. I will post about that incredibly enriching experience later as so much to tell about the class and her knowledge/heart.  Sooooo, I was at my desk working today. Seriously with a non-stop schedule since October 15 and  there has been no down time. At any rate....I was doing a graphic for CVS, then Godiva, and then CVS...., back and forth, my head was spinning with a headache that was seeming to get worse per email request! I kept thinking..."I am not going to make it through the day with a headache and the sleepiness that is taking its toll. Then it hit me! No, I doubt it was the good Lord, but more my shouting with joy in my mind. My sister gave me my hearts desire (a Mukka Express) for Christmas and with no time available my new love was sitting in a box in the kitchen cabinet (Mine is the pretty silver/black one that has the plug in hot plate, but the pink one is more fun for the blog)! Mwaaahhhhh...., to you Woo my sis as I made my way downstairs, and shortly after watching the DVD quickly, I made what was one beautiful cappuccino. I had to make three and throw out per their suggestion. Each one coming out prettier than the one before. Then the angels sang la, la, laaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh (I am telling you I heard them!) as I sipped this pure yummmmmmm. Now after full blown espresso shot as if I went to Italy, I am back on to feeling normal with my head pounding just a little less than before and can get back to work.  I know I need to cut back on caffeine of sorts, but when there is no time for a warm bath to reflect and rest my weary head, a coffee is like that, only internally. As my niece would state. "I am not even kidding you!". :)

I hope you have a blissful weekend.