Friday, January 13, 2012

{To FEED Another}

As I searched my soul to review 2011 and figure out a way to give myself, my money and my time differently in 2012, I started researching charities that would truly make an impact. Often concerning my heart is children. Be it children starving, sick or orphans thousands of miles away, or right here in America. The thought of a human not having food to nourish their body, or to know that someone cares about them and their well-being bothers my soul much. So, beyond being blessed through Compassion International to sponsor two girls, Evi Cici and Dainty in Indonesia, I want to do more this year, to be a part in some way of bringing Hope. So, here goes.


Enter into the world of Ralph Lauren. I have been so fortunate over 2011 to be able to spend many of my work hours putting forth effort along with a team towards making a few excellent products for Ralph Lauren. Prior to starting the project, I knew that beyond my total love for everything that Ralph Lauren represents in style, that it would help my work to research what the intricacies of the company were about. In that search, I found within this family a future member, now a member of this family, Lauren Bush Lauren. She is now married to David Lauren - Ralph Lauren's son. I found that she had gotten involved with United Nations World Food programme 6 years ago and had designed a bag reminiscent of the bags of food distributed by WFP. What makes this bag special is when you purchase one of these FEED bag products it in some way it helps feed one child, or more in school for up to two years. 

I thought..., I am so in and researched to find a bag to purchase! Certainly I would have to dig a bit deeper, but it mattered somehow then and does now, still.

You can read about her involvement here at Feed Projects.

They have many more bags, t-shirts and even bracelets for as little as $5 where that one came from at so you can get one too, if your heart is pulled in that direction.

I pray this to be a year where I not only talk about change, 
but make some changes to be a part of helping this world be of good and great hope!

Have a beautiful weekend ahead!

Images via feedprojects and the web