Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{Just WOW!}

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

Let's does one describe this video?

That's a whole bunch of CRAZY
That could leave a ouch-mark!
...did I say Wow?
Oh My
Of course, a girl like me that loves adventure might be tempted. say the least!

....and well, what is that saying that parents tell their children?

No, just because so and so asked you to do that doesn't mean you should.
"I mean, if they asked you to jump off a building, would you?"

I guess with these flying frenchie people, the answer is simply, yes.

Just praying you have moments in your day today that make you say, 
"Wow - that moment was and is so very awesome!"


Monday, November 14, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Let me introduce myself...}

Hi there! My name is Liberty.

I would wave but having hooves and all it's a bit difficult if you know what I am saying {wink}.
So, I thought I would go this route of a closeup for ya using my owner's iPhone to take a self-portrait while she went to get me some sweet feed. So, hurry smile and wave back please
before she gets back!

Let's see what is there to know about me?

I was born on 9/11... Hence my name.

My Mama and many others saw me and immediatley said I looked like a Liberty.
Plus the name Liberty would hold meaning, being that I was born on 9/11
and just what America stands for in honor and freedom.

I mean, I am all about the wind in my hair while I run across the field. 
It's a freedom kind of feeling that I love and do often, very often.

My Mama calls me, "My Sweet Liberty".
I kinda like it. soooo I think I'll keep letting her call me this! 

 That Mama is a person {So very confusing to me, as I have a real Mama with fur that looks a lot like me...the person, Kristin, not so much, but we share the same love for adventure type personality. Yes, she possibly needs more timeouts than me because as sweet as she is {Kristin} can have a rebellious-feisty side beyond her sweet side, however, I am trying to tame her of this. Really I am! 

See the image of my person-Mama {Kristin} and I {Well, part of me.} below.
Someone might need a photography course. Just saying they might, wink.
So, I guess a picture of my neck will have to do.
Oh, and below this is me and both of my Mama's.
This is my person-Mama {Kristin} letting me lick the remnants of 
the sweet feed she just gave my Mama {Maggie}.
How could you not love someone that gives one sweet feed?!
Which is like a candy bar in human speak! 
Awe, below is on 9/11 my first day experiencing the world. I loved that day!
Here are just some images of me and my Mama, Maggie.
Yes, my Mama is big boned, but don't tell her I said that, smile!
I still think she is very beautiful.
She is a Belgian, which from what I hear is very much like one of those Budweiser horses
minus the bunches of fur on the feet. My Daddy is a Haflinger, which if Fabio was a horse
well, he would look just like my Dad.

Which gives no premises for my curly tail and mane.
This was the day {above} I learned about gnats {yucky}. I really don't like those things. Can you tell? 
I hear humans don't like them either. Or, was it watching my owner quickly running across the field away from them that gave that away? It was kinda funny to watch her.
At the end of the day some horse-bug-type spray came my way! 
Yay sad for the gnats. 

Lastly, below is a family video. Kristin thought we were coming to see her,
but seriously, we are all about that stuff called sweet feed! Just saying we are!

Gotta run, I see my person-Mamma coming back.
Bye for now!

Yes, all kind of silly in Liberty's words, but
I feel like I won some sort of out of the blue, once in a life time chance
to own a new unborn, site-unseen baby horse. I am smitten with her and feel blessed.
I am kinda the adventure type and love horses, so off we go, a city girl like me, 
with a bit of country and adventure in my soul to say yes to caring for this sweet and funny girl.

I don't want to claim her as mine. I want to just facilitate many being able to just enjoy her much.

I mean, I was considering getting a dog for a long while now, but who needs a dog, right?

I'm certain to post more images. All of these images were taken off my iPhone.
Hopefully, I will get down there and use an actual camera, but having too much fun 
just running in the field along side her, or sitting in the field watching her. 
Just a very peaceful and free feeling.

Have a great day ahead.
Make your moments count!