Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Attitude Adjustment

Bora Bora! Where I wish I was today! A girl can dream!
The state of mind I am in today and taking a sunny attitude! How is it that I can resonate so with this dog?!!!!!!!!!!

The reality of my day. In my office designing a Graphic User Interface (My job is basically that of a web designer on the creative side of things.) for Godiva chocolate and edits for Tiffany and Co.'s e-learning.
Quite honestly, I am blessed to have a job that in the same day I get to have two clients such as Tiffany and Co. and Godiva and use the talents God gave me. Both clients are amazing, salt of the earth clients and in reality, I am privlidged and honored to be able to work on these projects. So, back to work and off to the beach and sand in my toes in the future. Have a wonderful weekend!


paige said...

so many things i love....the ocean, a cute doggie, & of course chocolate!!
have a wonderful weekend sweetest friend!!
you are loved!

Nancy said...

Do they give samples?;-)