Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thankful and Blessing Prayer

I wrote this prayer a bit ago. It is a compilation of my own thoughts, a couple of words from a song that the words lingerd in my mind by watermark and memories of a prayer once spoken over me from a paster and verses that I recall from the bible. It was something I wrote to pray in the early hours of the morning as words to remind my heart to stay pure before God, to be thankful and trust him even though I know that most of the time I fall mightily short of the heart and actions he desires in me. On the positive side, I do hope that he finds a speck of good and a smile in me and can use it for his glory alone. I thought I would share in hopes that this prayer might be good for the heart of others too.

Heavenly Father,
I don’t stand here in my own confidence, but give you all the glory.
I thank you that you set the stars in the sky and that you are the Heavenly Host over all.
You are to be glorified and honored. Lord, please come and invade my core and walk the halls of my soul
and bring your mercy and freedom. Refine me as silver to purity to sit at your feet, before your throne of grace.
I give you my life precious Father and thank you that I am blessed with your amazing
wisdom and understanding and have clear direction in life.
I thank you that I will always make good choices.
I thank you that you can use me as your vessel to touch the heart of your children.
I thank you that I am blessed with creativity,
with good ideas, with courage, strength and ability.
I thank you Father that I am blessed with good health, good family
and good friends, and a long and prosperous life.
I thank you that I will be blessed when I come in and when I go out.
I thank you that I am blessed in the country and in the city.
Thank you Father that whatever I put my hands to will prosper and succeed.
I thank you Lord, that I will lend only and not borrow.
I thank you that I will be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath.
I thank you Lord that every negative thing that has been
spoken over me, every curse so to speak right now is broken.
I thank you heavenly Father that generational sin that has been
in my family line for many generations, will no
longer have any affect over me or my family.
I thank you Father and declare from this day forward that
I will sense a new sense of freedom, a new sense of joy, a new sense of victory.
I thank you that I am blessed and protected by you Lord and pray to be a 100-fold blessing back to you.
In your precious name I pray,

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Thirty-One Trendy said...

Thank you for sharing your prayer. It's always good to be reminded to focus on being thankful and grateful even when we may want to just cry out for help.