Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Birthday Dinner with the Girls

I had dinner last night with my family to celebrate my birthday. It is so much fun to be at dinner with them (Mom, sisters and my six year old niece, Peyton Grace). Just a good time to listen, eat and talk and just be in their presence. Against my wishes, they chose to be exceedingly generous with gifts. I was quite humbled honestly. I hope they do know that all they needed to do was find a funny card and bring a smile and their company. There is an unspoken funny card competition among the girls in my family when it comes to birthdays. It is a favorite moment when we start laughing at the card and pass it around the table until we are each giggling until gleeful tears come down from hearing one another's laughter. That moment is just the greatest! My Mom gave me the winning card this year that was in a word (or two), hysterically funny. So, I walked away from dinner with more than enough in my heart. I am so blessed to know my family and actually like and love my family. Thank you so much for treating me and for just a precious evening spent with one another. Image courtesy of Violettes website. This sweet little French restaurant in Atlanta.

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