Thursday, August 30, 2007

All in A Day

The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to be
in reality what we would appear to be. -- Socrates

Thursday is not going down in my book of history of the best day. We are about to sign this amazing new client , Nike. My day was hard in communication as to how I was going to lead this project. The good out of it though is that I realized after a Starbucks® on the way home, a good scream in my mind, running on the treadmill, and a bath, that listening is the key. One also must keep integrity about themselves during challenges and just truly trust in God. To be thankful for blessings of health, family, a smile and the things that are important in life! I hope if you had the same kind of day as mine that you find hope in the fact that God is still God. He still has control. I think it is making the choices on our part to live in integrity, smile anyway, have faith, keep a watch with not saying what we think and feel (Thank goodness I kept quiet today!). I think it is knowing that we need to see the view beyond the circumstance and that God could be trying to mold us all into better humans that reflect his light. Frankly, be thankful that beyond ourselves he still loves us completely and has our best interest in His hand. I am looking forward to Friday being a great day and thankful that I grew as a person a bit today. I know I am looking towards a day of light, smiles and success. I wish the same for you.

Friday morning update---All is resolved in communication world and so very glad I took a moment and was proactive to a solution! Still learning to lead. Thank you God for helping me. AMEN.
Image items: Dream Cammy, Purple hue, Home Style, Nike, apple, Chris Rue website and keep file. If anyone knows who did this rabbit item, I would love to find out to purchase a real copy.

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