Friday, August 3, 2007

Peyton Grace. I love her tenacious spirit!

I guess the moral here is, when your first plan doesn't work out, get in there and make it happen!

This image is of Peyton Grace in a river in Colorado learning the basics of fly fishing while staying at a Ranch. I am originally (as in, I was very, very little when we moved) from Colorado and miss from vacations we used to take to go back there, the "Wide Open Spaces", the stars that hang so low you could touch them and the air. I am getting convinced more and more that Peyton Grace just needs her own outdoor television program with her love for adventure, animals (including lizards and insects), the great outdoors and her giggly heart! She is her Grandmothers, granddaughter, the great adventurer herself! Peyton Grace took me outside this past spring, as she was dressed in a lacy April Cornell dress and showed me her earth worm family that she had gathered together in her garden....yikes! She stated the each was lonely and needed one another. She then said, "Kiki, we all need a family". Sometimes talking with her she has the wisdom of a 90 year old. More Peyton Grace outdoor adventure images to come.

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paige said...

oh she definately is her grandmothers daughter!
too fun!