Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wendy & Peyton Angel Grace

My sister Wendy went on one of her final interviews with a different county fire department today. I have known over the course of this last bit what she has had to go through in interviewing beyond her working her current fire fighter job. It is strenuous to state it mildly and she has just taken it in stride without complaint. I wonder in your job did you have to go through the tasks listed below to gain employment? Oh me oh my! Fire fighters should definitely get a pay raise!
* Written test
* In-depth background investigation
* Physical agility test
* Polygraph examination
* Psychological examination
* Medical examination and drug screen
* Oral interview
She has been a firefighter for over 10 years if not longer for another fire deparment in the Atlanta vicinity. Women firefighters are few and far between in this world. How does one be strong, yet feminine and corageous? Her generous soul houses each of those qualities, plus she is hillariously funny. I just wanted to state congratulations that her interview went well and say that I am amazed by her and adore this sister of mine. Love you Woo. LB

Bird graphic from Rhonna F.

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paige said...

way to go wendy!!