Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poof!...Your a Diamond!

He who finds diamonds must grapple
in mud and mire because diamonds
are not found in polished stones.
They are made.
-- Henry B. Wilson

...and so in our hearts is this desire for integrity within and above all a soul that is faceted in the image of our creator. --Me

A friend of mine wrote me and stated in kindness that I am like gold. Is my friend looking at the me I see? I graciously smiled and in humble doubt, said "thank you" and then silently talked to the one who knows me best, God. "God, I am really not that refined and pure. How does this person see this in me? I should tell them this." God smiled in my heart, reminded me that I am human and gave me a different answer. I stated to my friend that I wish to be a diamond instead because I feel more like a soul that is still being chipped away to find glimmers of beauty, hope and integrity in character within. I stated to my friend that it is my prayer that hopefully God finds a way to use me as his vessel to shine through big even with inclusions and imperfections. You see, I stated "I know the real me inside, that isn't so pretty at times and gets in the way of His light." My friend then wrote me back and stated "Poof!...Your A Diamond!"

Even as a 42 year old, I smiled and hoped that God heard that....(smile).

So, Poof, you are a diamond too! Hope your day is filled with wonder.

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paige said...

glad you felt some love today when someone told you you're a diamond!