Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Simple, Peaceful, Quiet Moment To Come.

I desire to be up and completely full of amazing energy and have my home and personal items in order. There is absolutely no truth to that presently....HA! Over the last month, God placed me in two very emotional, tragic, and stressful situations with friends that are dear to my heart. Can I state that I would not have wanted to be anywhere else except with these people. It was an honor that they would want me there. It was God alone that held my hand and mind to hope in the midst and truly showed himself in both situations. He taught me more about how to love others, to trust and hold tightly to him. I place my trust and hope in Him alone and believe that He works all things together for good according to his purpose. It's so true that I am absolutely nothing without Christ in the center of my life! Stack on a upper respiratory infection and finally starting on a antibiotic yesterday, to just being so very busy and yearning for one hour of simplicity and a moment to rest my head and find peace. I am claiming an hour of my own this Saturday to be like this Great Dane pictured on a chair....right after I go to yoga, possibly meeting my niece for brunch for her birthday (14, yikes...already?!), meeting with a realtor about a home-site, work on a freelance job for an international oncology marketing company and clean up my place that I call home for the moment. Yippee to this Great Dane rest moment to come...smile.

Image: Looking for source origination. I will post once I find.


paige said...

well, you are off to a great start being that you too have long thin legs! ha!
hope you find that peaceful moment.

Kimber said...


Obviously you have been a good friend to those who need you right now. I am still praying for Don and Angie and I cannot imagine losing one of my children.

I hope your days ahead are filled with more light.

You may e-mail me anytime regarding that topic you mentioned.

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