Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Beautiful

Can I title this a "Introspective journal moment to find well, Friday Beautiful?" Thank you for grace...ahead of I woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning just as a Rozerem sleep-aid commercial came on....what is that about? 4:30 a.m. has become a typical wake up time for me as of late as I seem to be sleeping like princess and the pea. Too tired from work and freelance that I haven't been much on my quiet time when I need it the most and sleep! So, I got out of bed and turned the TV channel to Beth Moore, then Joyce Meyer as if to absorb some Godly wisdom, sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall with my cup of coffee, big floor pillow and my bible (closed, but my hand is gently laid across it, as if to absorb through my hand to my heart....HA). Just quiet/simple prayers from my heart this week for people I love and for God to please equip me for my tasks ahead in my moments of work. So much work to be done over the last three weeks that I haven't had time to think, and my prayers have been narrowed down to moments in the shower, just talking to God about my heart and questioning the if's of whether I am opening my heart to be used in some way as His vessel and praying, "God, please, please be with and protect my people/your people". Do I praise you Lord with vivre? Do I simply love people with acceptance (with the pure simplicity like our dogs love us without judgement.)? Do I listen to understand God, before requesting to be understood by Him? Do I offer the world a happy place and a gentle hand to hold? If one was to look through my eyes into my soul, would God and the world find good within as time passes? Anthony calls me "Bergs". It is short for iceberg. I often thought it meant icy because I can have walls of protection up and have times of being quiet and insightful. He finally explained himself recently, to say that "What you see in an iceberg is striking beauty above the water, but what you have to offer Kristin beyond the surface like an iceberg that has much more below the surface than on top of the water. So, an iceberg is likened to your soul, deep, meaningful, and as you turn each corner the light shines through amazingly and even the inclusions are beautiful." I thought, that is nicest compliment anyone has ever given me, but is that something to share with people? In humbleness, I don't think I live up to that, but it came from his honest heart, so it is gently worthy of sharing. So, "Bergs" came across my mind this morning in prayer in the shower. God, please be in my soul to make me worthy of being in your presence. Please make me the kind of "Bergs" that is deep and brings meaningful, good and smiles to people. Please be a gentle chandelier of your unique light to offer people hope to pour out of my soul. Please allow me to absolutely accept people with love and bring them incredible smiles...Amen.

In simply asking God to get me out of this introspective state as that is so exhausting and not the way God wants it to be. I want to giggle and just be happy for the day. I prayed for God to simply be, so I could look out of my silliness and bring peace, and remove myself so God could occupy within and allow His shine to come from my soul...again with a sense of happy. In that, I pray you a day of peace, hope, smiles and light all over you today. I pray you a safe and happy weekend. I pray the peace that transcends all understanding will mount guard in your hearts today and I pray you a complete day of Friday Beautiful!

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paige said...

so pink & blue it is!--wink!
bergs--i love it--who knew?
hoping you find some moments of peace & rest during a busy weekend of work.
know you are loved...

Kimber said...

I adore the explanation of your nickname "bergs." I am assuming thia Anothony is the fellow you are about to marry. sounds like a keeper!

I love your refelection on your conversations with God.