Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Beautiful

Just something that made me really think and desire to take action! I am so human and realize that fully! I have been trying to learn human communication better and praying about this. Is it a sign when one keeps running across a book by Joyce Meyer called Conflict Free Living?...I should read this! My communication efforts are not working yet and I keep finding myself in situations that leave me defensive, and cursing like a sailor (human!)! Thankfully, I have not had a comeback to my feelings in defense. I am thankful to my people that love me anyway, allow me to be honest about this and give beautiful to my day. They seem to dust me off and stand me up to move forward in grace, beyond my personality that is bold and independent as a lion, yet tender hearted and sensitive to a fault! Somewhere in the mix of those opposites, I pray God can still use this soul of mine...Please God say, yes! Pretty please! I do pray that in the midst of me and in-spite of that fact that God will just use me humbly, boldly in gentleness anyway to give light, hugs, smiles and encouragement, every second for the rest of my life. I pray to really give the world something beautiful! I really hope your Friday beautiful and weekend Happy!


paige said...

oh sign me up for the conflict free living too!
i think you are already all those things you strive for & yes even a good communicator.
you have always been my #1 cheerleader & i think many others would say the exact same thing.
you rock baby!

Southern Sugar said...

you have communicated warm and caring thoughts to me quite well. He's definately using you. Your personality sounds much like my middle daughter's. it can be a tough combination for her at times. i pray you blessings and a quiet and gentle spirit that is humbly bold.