Monday, March 10, 2008

A Mamma's Heart for the World!

My mom would just be so embarrassed if she knew that I talked about this, or shared this picture because she does it solely for the work of Christ alone and not for Man to see. She does not like this image of her, but I found it at her home and brought it to my office because it shows her heart bigger than any picture perfect smile image. I love that! This image is a couple of years old from a mission trip. She is tying a friendship bracelet on this little one. Last week she was back in Mexico teaching women how to sew. This week she arrived in Romania to work in an orphanage.  I am quietly humbled by her tenderness, her ready feet to take action and her faith. I don't have words without a huge smile and tears to say well, that is just my Mom and the amazing within her. I wish to cheer her on big for serving others that need the kind of hope that only God can show through her.  I am amazed and wanted to share in case she opens this blog and say "YOU GO MOM"! I pray God speed to you and may His tender blessings abound swiftly in you and sweetly fall on you and around you as you touch others lives. I know you will bring everyone great smiles and leave them singing with a full soul and a tangible touch from God. I just want you to know shine brightly to me and I am so very marshmallow (proud) of you!


paige said...

she truly is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the whole blogging world and am still a little shy about leaving comments but I want you to know that your words have touched me and have helped me grow in my walk with the Lord. So many people want to make the walk hard but you have a way of saying things simply.. the whole "Ah-Ha, I get it" kind of way. I thank you for that.

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