Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Where I would like to be this weekend. On a beach! My friend Paige is there with her family. I guess will have to wiggle my toes in the sand through her experience....HA!

My dear friend Colonel John N. Harris. He is a pilot for the
Without a doubt, is truly the smartest person I have ever met in my life.
His life serving our country is that of an amazing journey and
full of amazing accolades from the Air Force.
Our Great Flag and Beautiful Statue of Liberty

This long holiday weekend, I hope you find rest and relaxation and giggles and much laughter! I also hope and pray that as each us relax and enjoy that we take a gentle moment to consider the individuals that are serving our country and those that have died for our freedom. Isn't that really what Memorial Day is about anyway. I know I am thankful for the opportunity to live life the way I wish. This has been in the forefront of my mind. My closer than a brother dear friend, Colonel John N. Harris was shipped off to Korea to serve each of us and protect us from that come-what-may. My brother in law, R.J. was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. My family line on my Mom's side goes back to Robert Morris, who was one of the people to sign the declaration of independence. So, I find myself to be a great patriot of our country and so incredibly honored to be an American. As part of what most in the forces endure, John was shipped on a remote to Korea and left yesterday to travel there to reside and work. He is assigned there for not one (as he first was told) but two years (as he was told just previous to leaving) to live in a very small square foot studio apartment. Imagine living in a hotel room for two years....eeek, and you cannot say no! He had to sell all his belongings (allowed one suitcase) and give up life as he knows it to go. One of the gentlemen that is there serving has a child at home battling cancer. Could you imagine having a job where you could not get to one of your children fighting this disease because your job says country first, life second? For that in itself, I am humbled! John did not sign up for Korea, the choice in assignment was the Air force's to make. He had other dreams and wishes, but as most said, "This is what my country has asked of me, so I will go and boldly serve.". John like so very many has devoted his life to serve each of us he went as all of them do to go and fight for our freedom to live in a still great country, America! I am honored and humbled by your service and grateful for your tender friendship that I have been blessed with for many years. God speed to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I know you will shine big as you serve and pray for peace and safety for your journey. I pray as we just enjoy a day of barbecue, rest, picnicking or even mowing the lawn, that we gently smile big to these people that serve and say thanks to God to be able to live in a country that fights for us to say we are free to soar, smile or achieve whatever our hearts desire. And all God's children said....Amen!

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