Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Image taken by Kyle Walker (I hope it is good with you that I posted.)
This image is from a sweet friend of mine that just moved to Colorado. Colorado is where I was born, my Mom was raised there, and Peyton Grace my niece has visited there and feels like it is home for her too, and it always has my heart. I love even how the dirt smells in the air if that is crazy enough. I love Fall when the aspen trees leaves get crisp and sound like wind chimes. My friend Kyle was gracious enough to send this to me to get a glimpse of his new world. I pray he continues to send me images as the journey so far is breathtaking. This image is as much for me as it is for my Mom and Peyton Grace. Wide open spaces, stars that you feel you can reach out and touch, sunshine sweetly falling on your face (snow or a gentle rain too), God at a whisper and just the sweet breeze the mountains have to offer there for everyone to experience and take a part in. So, the song "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks will always hold a special meaning for me because the song in words is what Colorado feels like and makes me feel home. Beautiful, freeing and yes, room even to make mistakes.

Have a beautiful and giggle filled weekend.


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Tara said...

Hi Kristin!
What a beautiful photo. Your blog is adorable, love your banner!~xo

Karin said...

Dear Kristin
Today while working i found out about your blog and your words touch my heart. I live in Switzerland close Zurich but i have visited the States many times. Love also this Pic of Colorado!
I am a "Jesus Freak" as you. Makes me so happy to find other people shareing their life.

Thank you, be blessed!