Wednesday, August 13, 2008

43...and a bowl full of cherries!

Image via: Cig Harvey

Blessed, Happy and just Tickled Pink 
about this bowl full of cherries called, Life.

So, why do I say that you ask? Well, let me tell you.
I turn 43 today....eeeeeeeeeeek! Someone said to me...You look absolutely amazing for 43 (Insert smile here). Offended at first because they said the infamous "for 43". But then I thought this is a compliment. So, take it and run with it, and be grateful. 43 is just a number. 
One truly is only as old as they think. 

So, I am grateful for.....

• The fact that God wishes and chooses to have any kind of relationship with me blows me away. Lord knows it is only by his grace and kindness.

• Excellent Health - For that alone, amazingly grateful.

• My family with whom I adore each one and am blessed enough to go through hard, or laugh hysterically with. You are my true smiles and my soft place to land!

• Anthony - You always find pretty and good in me and 
teach me that to be silly is good for the soul and just loving me and liking me too. Thank you for being willing to sit with your feet in the sink with Peyton Grace, just because she asked. 

• My friends near and far that I have been blessed with long term in this life. 
Filled with smiles that God found me each one of you.

• My tender Evi, a girl from Indonesia that I get to sponsor. 
You are this amazing gift!

• Smiles and giggles and the ability and now wisdom at 43 to choose happy over anger!  
I just realized one can do this.  Something good from 43!

• The love of sweat and hard work - It is just built in me and who I am.

• Running, heated yoga and working out - I think about this often - That I have a body that is healthy enough to work out, to walk to run. For that I am so blessed and find God's workmanship in the human body amazing.

• The view off my back porch at dusk and the amazing views that clouds and sunshine produce and the twinkle lights at night. 

• My job - To use my mind every day creatively.

• A home to live in!

• Anything creative.

• Starbucks coffee.

• Smiles and laughter that make my cheeks hurt. 

Life beyond all the hard is truly a bowl full of cherries....
If you seek the cherries you will find pits included!

I wish you all a blessed day and so 
much happy that you can't hold it in. 
I wish your life a bowl full of cherries!


paige said...

happy happy birthday my most special friend
sending 43 big hugs right to ya'!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a day filled with life's simple pleasures and surrounded by loved ones. I struggle with the right words to say sometimes but I really enjoy your words and outlook on life. So thank you for letting me visit (often)... ~ Patricia ~

Kelly said...

Happy belated birthday Kristin! I turned 43 in Dec. and I'm still kickin' and they haven't thrown me in a nursing home yet! Really, it's good--and your beatiful so what the heck? Enjoy. Just found your pretty blog.

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