Friday, August 1, 2008

Be Kinder Than Necessary....and 75% off

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"Be kinder than Necessary, for everyone
you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

I wish to state that I went to Ballard Designs 50-75% off  (A homeowners version of  brides getting a dress at Felines 50% sale in NYC!), and I fell flat on my face with words. Can I say...EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I was not "Kinder than Necessary"..., ouch. I watched on as many southern women became frustrated and rude towards one another over things. I reached my point of frustration when this woman quick on my heels trying to get to a bookcase that might I add, no one was trying to acquire. The faster I walked the faster she got. Just a silly, broken bookcase. I found myself miffed to an extreme by this woman so much that I stepped (Jumped for fear of her running me over, really.) quickly into a cubby area and said of all things..."Please, (sarcastically) you go before me because what you have going on is obviously so much more important than what anyone else has going on in the world.".  A lady in the corner giggled as she had just experienced the same lady and wished for that same come-back. Shut my mouth, I was embarrassed that I did not keep my cool in that place...and flat on my face in words! In the end, I asked a worker to take my pretty light fixtures back to the lighting area and I left empty handed and felt like a bird that had just gotten freed from a lions mouth!  My thought is no "thing" is worth the loss of ones integrity or the cost of joy. I learned something, hopefully and found a way to giggle at the silly in me as I learn to still walk in this life.  I find it funny that as I was there my mom was in Mexico on a mission trip serving.  Still much to learn from her.
So, I got home and found this in an email.  This is my version.

Knock, knock. I knocked at heaven's door this morning.
God asked
me...'My Child, what can I do for you?'
And I said, 'Father, please protect
bless, love and help your gentle people hurting in this world.
Please protect us and help us make
wise choices as we walk through life and
help us to be loving and patient toward one another'
Lastly, God help me to forgive quickly and just be kind.
God smiled and
Answered...'Requests granted my child'.

I hope that if you are ever on my heels trying to get to a bookcase that I help you get there, and help you even purchase it if I have the funds to do so. I hope I learned to take a deep breath and find giggles in the center of mayhem if nothing else through my Ballard Design sale experience. 

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great post my dear friend, great post!