Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blowing Kisses to Raegan

Above - Don and Angie  -  10.04.2007 (Raegan's 1st birthday..., anyway!) - Blowing Kisses to Raegan as I know she was and is blowing kisses right back at you. Second picture is of Raegan Audry Hearn one sunny day that Angie took some fun images of her.

1 year ago today (September 17) Don and Angie's little girl quickly went to live with Jesus. I am most certain he needed her big light there. How it makes me see that time passes quickly and we need to cherish moments and live life big each second.

What I have seen since this tragedy is hope. I see this strong soul in Angie and one that is closer to God and resilient to find good in each day even though I know she misses her baby girl immensely. I see this in Don too. In talking often with Angie, I know she is grateful for the year she got to experience Raegan and really focuses on that, verses sadness. She counts her blessings daily one by one and I think really tries to live each moment knowing that Raegan would hope that for her mamma. She once stated that God had her baby now and she was going to run into his arms and find out more about the God that holds her daughter now, and she has, as I watched God wrap his arms around her and give her strength. Don mentioned this too and said that God had his full attention. When talking with him that seems true. What I see now in Angie is this woman of great faith and has shown people what God's strength looks like in a tangible way as she shows Him big to people without saying a word. She also stated that she wished to make Raegan proud and well, I have to say that Raegan is so very proud of her mamma and how she has been this positive light since Raegan's passing. Raegan I know is sending a sweet "ROAR" to Don this morning as that was their good morning ritual. I truly believe that if I were today to take a walk with God, he would say that he is mighty proud of you both and hopes you feel him smiling big on you along with Raegan by his side as she blows great kisses to you. So, close your eyes and think of this and I know you will feel both of their sweet breaths of kisses all over you today.

The sweet in all of this going forward is that Angie and Don are now finally expecting a baby this coming February.  I know because of Raegan and how she cared for Raegan as a Mom to her that she is going to be this incredible Mamma as she gets to live life with a second smile in her life. I know Don is going to be able to be a Daddy once again and find his smile and morning giggles again.  I am so very grateful that they get to experience a little heart in their arms again.  Angie and Don, I wish you to know that I am praying for your hearts big today.  I am praying for the sweetest of smile memories today for you and so grateful for the new life in you that lies ahead.  I just know if Raegan was here today she would be humming that song that Keith Urban sings Days Go By. So go and live life big today and look at each second with a smile. Raegan would wish that for you at least! Hope and Love today to you my friends Don and Angie and Raegan too.

He who finds diamonds must grapple in the mud and mire 
because diamonds (faith and hope) are not found in polished stones. 
They are made. - Henry B. Wilson

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paige said...

congratulations don & angie during this bittersweet time.
much love & prayers to you