Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still Decking...., smile

"Argue for your limitations an they are yours. 
Argue for your possibilities and they are yours as well." 
-Various Authors

Happy Thanksgiving week!

So, how are you today? How is your heart? I hope you are well and peaceful.

I am still decking the halls along with my family, Kace right by our side everyday and other people for our corporate decorating business "Holly Productions". I got home early to a slew of real job work... What is that? I am on vacation...., okay a working vacation. Never the less, there is work to be done and people still there doing it while my boss has graciously given me the time off to take my vacation all at once during this time of year, so respond quickly to their need I will. I have to pick up my car tomorrow to a new tune of $997 some odd dollars. Keep in mind that I just got it out of the shop last week to a tune of $1200. Eeeeeek! I quickly set my heart and face to my heavenly daddy above and said "God, you are bigger than this, your money here on earth is just a tool, and I can trust you to help me through this beyond all my other financial responsibilities, so I will not worry." I sighed and smiled back at him and back to work. In my heart I am thankful that I have a car. I am thankful that I have a job that wants to call me while on vacation to do work for them. I am thankful for the Christmas business. So, this season I am thankful for so much, but most of all just thankful that I can have this amazing relationship with my creator beyond my skinning my knees often in words, or actions and feel like the luckiest girl in the world that he is working faith in me, so I am blessed. This decorating season has really been the best yet. It has been filled with amazing hard work, but so much laughter that my stomach has hurt most nights. I was scared that something might be wrong with my innards (smile) only to finally realize it is the deep laughter muscles. I am going with that and believing at least and speaking that. So thankful for safety, kind words, great friendships, excellent health, tenacity in every person involved in this business and even working through some tough communication challenges. Thank you for my family, my dear friends and people that have just smiled in the halls of where we are decorating. Hopefully we have shined his light a bit! One can hope!

So, back to work tonight but shortly after a hot shower I will be doing a little "Now I lay me down to sleep", action like below.
Oh yes, thankful for sleep too and a body that is so very healthy and strong.

I wish to post something Thanksgiving. So in short, I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving with family within breaths distance, even if by phone. I pray you well, healthy and whole and I pray you much, much laughter as it is so amazing for the soul.

Happy Turkey Day, Happy Life!

Images via DHC and an old save file.

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paige said...

good to talk to you
enjoy your thanksgiving my friend