Monday, February 16, 2009

My Mom

Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what's a heaven for?

-- Robert Browning

So...., I was on the phone with "Susan" my mom late afternoon, yesterday. We talked about the weekend and in the end of the conversation I said, "OK, I will talk with you tomorrow.". She then says softly, "Call early because I will be on a plane to Mexico."......, "To do what?", I ask....,"To teach women to sew." Who knew she was even going tomorrow? I talk to her every morning before work begins. We talked about this about a month ago, but quietly she had not mentioned when. That is her heart right there as she serves boldly before the audience of one, God and not people. I pray he blesses and protects her greatly!

This is my Mom. A woman in action with a servants heart. She taught us not to be bragging people in only talking about the highlights of our good, but to be people of truth, being humble and know why you are here on this earth to serve/love and always place God above all else and just be real. She defines her life in a no-room-for-naval-gazing way, by how she lives her life and showed us to live our lives too. She taught us to be people of tenacity and to be souls that encourage others and well, laugh often even when things are hard. And for goodness sake, to be people that choose joy in the midst of hard challenges, and give, because that is where one grows to be people of value and can show the face of God brilliantly. Goodness, I pray some of her lighted vessel that shines good on others, will shine right back all over her as she just deserves to be blessed so much (If you only knew her tenacity to choose joy, really choose joy in the midst of might wish this for her too!). I pray I have learned something too.

In this, if you read this blog at all, would you say a prayer this week for her? I asked her how I could best be there for her or pray. Her response, "Gilberto, the head of their mission in Mexico, has required that we take Men in with us in order to protect us as Mexico is going through some not so good challenges. So, out of our protection, please pray for our safety. Please pray for the hearts of these women who's lives we will be spending our time with." I also ask on her behalf to please pray for these "Men" to be good men of character as they protect her and the people she is there with. Please pray for her a cozy bed to hold her at night, peaceful moments, laugh-out-loud moments, nourishing food to eat, energy for her days and for her to see and know God's presence is right there with them. She would not ask nor require that to go, but I would love that to be so for her! Please pray for many smiles and that my Mom will just know that she knows that God is right there with her in the midst. She would be embarrassed that I posted this, but I would love some prayers for her so if you would not mind praying, I would be so ever grateful!!!!!!!


Lissa said...

Dear Kristin, You are such an encouragement to me. I will be praying for your mom this week! (Lord, help me to remember!) I truly know how difficult it is to always choose joy! Its a constant effort! I would like to add your blog to my favorites! :)

Nancy said...

You know how much I love your mom
and see Christ in her. I will be praying for her.

Lissa said...

Thank you Kristen!!!!

Lissa said...

Oh darn, Kristin!!!

paige said...

would be priveledged to join in prayer for her!

3 Peanuts said...

I will pray for her. You are so lucky to have a Mom like that.....She sounds incredible!!!

Your description of her made me take pause and reflect on the lessons I am teaching my children about humility and service. I could definitely do better.

Thank you...I think I will come back and read this again and again and really think about it.