Friday, February 20, 2009

So Glad it is Friday!

Long week but grateful for sweet moments and hard moments too. Too busy for words, too much of a cold to sleep, Mom is in Mexico, and something else personal laying tender on my heart. I still believe in happy concerns, take that!
I found the quote above and it made me smile. It's the little things, I know!
So I am posting one of the only French sayings I know as I am trying to learn French...again.

un sourire (soo-reer) noun
: a smile

So glad it is Friday. I have been working on a very uninteresting project with work that needs my full attention. I am trying to push through and be grateful...really I am! I work from home three days a week and in the office two, which is nice. So, onto my day in my home office. I was expecting a package since last Thursday....and then at 2ish...the doorbell rang and my new best friend the UPS man had my package. Funny, I have lived here for almost 10 months and the world of mail still has a hard time finding it's way here. Voila. My new Canon camera showed up as if a burst of sunshine to my otherwise boring project day. My thoughts turned to my friend Debbie who helped me out in this decision. Debbie, thank you for your knowledge on my new journey. You are awesome and an amazing photographer by the way!
This weekend is my fiance's birthday. I am going to make a cake and try this new from scratch recipe. If all else fails I will be all over Publix for one of their cakes :). My family makes big deals out of birthday's. Anthony...not so much. I made reservations at Bones restaurant for a fine dining evening. He said please can I change your plans?...and asked for low key dinner and a movie. He did pick a movie that I am looking forward to seeing so I will go with it. The International. Clive Owen in any movie to me is great and the plot looks interesting.

Much work to finish first before doing fun baking and well, my Friday run in just a moment that I have been looking forward to all day to find some kind of smile again.
....and then a little of this below to hopefully wash all the stress from my week away. OK. There won't be time for that, but a quick shower. The thought sounds nice anyway.

So to you.... How was your week? Was it good or hard? Did you learn something about yourself or give to another? I pray it was wonderful even if under trials and tribulations
or full of smiles. I hope it was the latter!

Have a beautiful, smile filled weekend!

Images via: Sarah Kaye, Beautiful things, Nike.


paige said...

have fun with the birthday boy.
glad you joined the canon club!
btw-i dont have my computer as its being re-imaged :)

Lissa said...

Your engaged?!?!?! Well... Congratulations!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend doing all of the things that you enjoy and that inspire you! Hopefully work won't be so boring next week. ;) And that bathtub picture..... divine!!! I've been trying to save money by buying all of our bath stuff at Costco but now I feel a pull to the Aveda store... :)

Southern Sugar said...

I always love to read your quotes. Love this post. You are such a warm and caring person. I don't know whats on your heart and mind. But know that you are in my prayers. Maybe this is why you've been near my thoughts tonight.

p.s. I left you an email earlier.

日月神教-任我行 said...