Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Bliss

Many of you keep within your walls the sweet breaths of babies no matter how old, but altogether still magical. I wish I did, but do not...., yet. However, I get my niece for many moments of laughter. Below is just one of those fun times I got her for Anthony's birthday.  I think it is so great when one sees a child conquer challenges. This was one of those as I helped her get the balloon to a place so she could blow it up as they were even hard for me to get to blow-up point as I giggled through. Ahhhhh, sweetness when she finally got it. However, face one is the one she made every time as we had 24 of these colorful babies to blow up for Anthony's personal 3 person party that she was throwing for him.
She is so very smart. Here is a conversation that she and I shared last Saturday.

We were out running errands on Saturday and on the way home she looked in the rear view mirror at me. I had the mirror turned to her in the back seat so I could have a conversation. Probably not safe driving, but like I said I don't have children and one of those crazy mirrors you Mom's have in the front of your cars so you can see your sweeties.

So, Peyton Grace looked at me and said, "Kiki, have you seen the documentary on Diet Mountain Dew?" I said "No, Baby, I did not, but know that your Mommy drinks it." She said "It is very bad for your health and went on telling me of the symptoms if one has had too many over time." My reply was "Well, is your Mommy cutting down on drinking Diet Mountain Dew?" She said, "Well as a matter of fact we are eating healthier and she is only having one a week." Then pauses a long pause, sighs and looks out the window and says to herself, "I remember when I was just livin the dream on sugar...just livin the dream!" And what child at seven says the word, "documentary"? I about ran off the road laughing.

Anthony thanking her for his gifts, and the party she held for him.
This little girly loves mussels. They make my skin crawl, but I am a TRIER as she requested and had two....salty, slimy,$$$, yuck. Seriously people, they are glorified slugs!!!!
PG and I well, just being one another's sidekicks like we are when in one another's company for our dinner for Anthony at Vinny's.
Odd angle on the camera of me, but I love hugs from this little one,
so if I look out of sorts, I am so good with that, smile.
Right before our dinner as she was waiting to show Anthony the dress
she picked for her party for him.
On Sunday his actual birthday we went to Pure Taquiria. My favorite restaurant in Atlanta!
These two are always scheming up something. Fun to sit back and watch the fun.
PG before church. I came around the corner to her singing to herself. I went and got my camera and she looked up at me at the perfect time. Sweetness.
Off my back porch last Sunday. The view is seriously my favorite part of my house!
Most every weekend and some nights one is bound to find a balloon flying across the sky.
Below of her sleeping in the post prior is what happened right after our Birthday lunch for the remainder of the day. I told her staying out late would be hard on her. The girl did not believe me....until now. :)

Have a great week! I hope it is blessed big!


Lissa said...

That is one adorable story!! And now its documented! I need to be better about writing stuff down! I love your view! Breathtaking! I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend! The balloon pix are adorable! Talk soon!

Becky said...

I really love your blog. I especially like the music playing. Is there a way you could email me where you added the code in the html? It is so confusing. My email is Thanks:)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

PG is so darn cute!! Looks like you guys had a great weekend the pictures of the two of you in the restaurant.....they are so sweet!

Hope you have a good week!