Sunday, May 3, 2009

{Sweet Roof Moments!}

Me (Left) and my sister Wendy (Right)!

I ran across this picture tonight and had to post. My Mom and sister, Gretchen have a farm, called Sweet Grace Farms.  This above (Mom's farm house) is my favorite part of this place. One can climb out the front bedroom window and there you are on the roof of the porch, looking up at the beautiful sky and across the field to the horses, with a sweet breeze grazing your face.   

Wendy (Woo..., as we call her) and I found ourselves one sweet afternoon just talking about things of the heart, dreams and just life talk. Things that only two sisters as close as twins would understand. No, she is not my twin, but we just know things about one another when the other is not around. I can feel in my heart when she is not ok and need to call her. She knows my heart like that too. She is my life friend, as close as my breath and we just clicked from little itty bitty girls and find great in one another and the ability to dust the other off, wipe the tears, stand the other up and say you can do it, or really laugh hysterically about anything in one another's company.

 The farm is beautiful, and so very much is true of Wendy's heart that is this strikingly funny woman, who is a tough cookie on the outside, but the most tender and generous of souls on the inside. I think that is why we click because I am very tender on the outside, but very much as if steel in the core of me. We just seemed since the beginning to balance one another out.  
Woo, I love you precious sister of mine! Love L.B.

I think it would be all too amazing to climb on that roof one night of a meteor shower, or any starry night really, with a yummy beverage and tender talk.
The dark sky and sweet breeze would welcome a starry night just like that!


Julie said...

I would love to be able to climb out of my window and watch the stars. What a special friendship you have with your sister. I hope my girls grow up to be friends like that. :)

Lissa said...

Kristin! I LOVE this! What a lovely way to talk about sisterhood! I love the photo! We were just out celebrating my sister's birthday tonight!

Susan said...

This brings me to tears. What a lovely thing to have two of your daughters connect in such a sweet way and to be able to watch this connection grow so strong. I love you both so much. You are my amazing blessings!

paige said...

yeah for sweet sisterhood!!
precious picture

Farmgirl Paints said...

What a blessing to have a sis! So glad my girls will have eachother.

charmaine said...

Hi Kristin! you are so sweet! thank you for your kind comment, i really appreciate it. i would like to return the compliment, your blog is beautiful! i really love your gorgeous heading. thank you again and have a blessed week.

God Bless,

annechovie said...

Kristin, It's such a gift to have a sister like that. I am blessed to have a similar relationship with my little sis - sisters can be the best!

farmhouse wares said...

This is a very sweet post. Makes me miss my sisters. It also makes me worried that, because my little girl is an only child, she will miss that special bond you get with syblings.