Tuesday, August 11, 2009

{Superwoman Wanna-Be!}

Pour agir, il faut une forte dose de défauts.
Un homme sans défauts n'est bon à rien.

In order to act, we need a good dose of faults.
A person without defects is good for nothing.
--Jacques Chardonne

Oh, I got many of those glistening fault things...
Can I pretty please exchange them for good?!?!?! Smile!

My Mom always taught us we should be self sufficient, bold, hardworking and tenacious. She also showed me to be humble, honest with my shortcomings, but keep good and quiet confidence and know my value that does not have to shout it verbally to the streets, but more in the way I carry my heart, soul, mind in thoughts and life walk.

One of my dear friends said this morning that knows me well that I have a "bright fierceness" way about me. I thought wow, that is the nicest compliment. Could that be true? I know I am fiesty, but the "Bright" part, could that part be true? I desire to be that kind of woman. One that can face storms head on with tenacity and vigor and a willingness to learn, to grow to bend, to be humble and a bright fierceness of grace!

Then I think....honestly, is there a way
I can just become Superwoman?!!!!!
I wish!

You people know what I am talking about. The kind of woman that is strong and graceful and sees the positive always, takes hardship with ease, and still grateful to God for the blessings she does have. The kind of woman that is a encourager, a lover of people's hearts, that brings peace, good, strength and a very bright light that warms a soul and a keen sense of humor...Because my friends, you just gotta have that in life.

Is that real I ask?
Then I humbly look around at women that are my family
and best of friends and see that yes, it is real people!
I see it in these amazing women every day!

I desire to be the kind of woman beyond my life circumstances, that would rush to the rescue and not have herself on her mind because her focus is on the needs of others and brings smiles to all she meets. So when their soul leaves my presence they feel loved down to their toes and just that feeling as if they have had a good laugh in company to bring hope.

So, I have posted this quote below before. I think this sums it up.
I fall short of this, waaaaaayyyyy short, but am I going to try...most definately YES!

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others;
for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise,
walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”
-Audrey Hepburn

So, to life's challenges I give you not my focus,
but to focus on loving others and allow all the
rest of the stuff to just work out!

Take that STUFF!!!

For that is where a SUPERWOMAN arrives!
I pray that for me, and for you too. To shine hope big!

Happy Day to You All! Happy Day! NO MATTER WHAT!

So SMILE Big Will Ya! Pretty Please!

Image via Rosie Hardy


Queen B. said...

a PERFECT post.

Tara said...

Amen I hope this too, so when I leave this earth, I can say I knew what life was all about and i ended it with a smile.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh how I love this post. It is so true and it is how I try to live (always falling short I am afraid:) but it is the trying that matters, right?

Farmgirl Paints said...

Well said Supergirl! You are pretty super you know:)

LuLu said...

this post brings tears to my eyes it's so perfect and how i want to continue to stive for,

paige said...

happy birthday bestie!!
big hugs
or big lubs as emi used to say
big kisses
or big krisses as cek used to say
squeezed tight too

Kyle said...

Happy Birthday, KF!
Beautiful post :)

Southern Sugar said...

Thank you! I love this post!

Lissa said...

You're becoming that super woman! A little more every day. I'm home all weekend if you need a chat! LOVE the bright fierceness part! that does sound like you! Sorry I'm late! busy week!

Cristin said...

beautiful! you are a super woman.

You also won my skincare giveaway. You were lucky #19. Please email (contact link on my profile blogger pager) your mailing address so I can ship it to you.


charmaine said...

hi Kristin! i know one thing, you are definitely a superwoman with strong encouraging power. you and your beautiful blog have been such a blessing to me. Thank You for always being so humble, kind, loving and most of all amazingly Christ like. you share His love every day with your beautiful heart. it is so important for us to love others and genuinely focus on the needs of others. this is how i try to live daily. love this post and love YOU!!! have a blessed and beautiful week! keeping you in my prayers.

God Bless,

Dita said...

Oh, I wish you would just look in the mirror, Silly Girl……….Superwoman is right there. Yep, that’s right…right THERE and don’t you dare forget it for a MINUTE!

Big SuperWoman hugs to you, my friend!

Kasey said...

what a beautiful perfect post!
and it was your bday???
happy day to you girlie;-)