Friday, September 11, 2009

{Promise yourself!}

Promise yourself to be strong that nothing 
can disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness and 
prosperity to every person you meet.

To seek the amazing and good in people.

To be Brave. Really Brave.

To look at the sunny side of everything and 

make your optimism come true.

To think only the best, to work only 

for the best and expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the 

success of others as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and 

press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful countenance at all times 

and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself 

that you have no time to criticize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear 

and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

Author: Christian D. Larson

Today is 9/11 and leaves me feeling still with a "what happened?" How do hearts that lost and we as the United States deal with something that catastrophic as the pain still holds its own. So knowing that we do not know the seconds we have in front of us I pray you make the most of each moment. I pray you happy so very much joy, gratefulness and yummy-good and true. And all God's chlidren said a  big and grateful, AMEN!

Happy, Beautiful Weekend People!

Mwuah, Me


Diana said...

Amen and Amen!

Blessings to you.

tara said...

Great reminder! xo

Angie said...


Angie said...

Thank you!! It's amazing that I've found so many supportive people thru blogging. It's a shame I don't have more people like this in my "real" life! ;)

Chez Zizi said...

Love your post and your music.
Zizette @

Anonymous said...

I agree with Angie #2 - Bloggers are the best, so supportive and have an abundance of unconditional love and encouragement to give ~ love all you guys. Kristin you have a beautiful and gifted spirit!

Have a wonderful weekend!
~ :} ~ Patricia

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love that quote!! Spent the day with my New Yorker friend today. She starts every Sept. 11th in morning tears, remembering the fear and sorrow of that day. We can't really begin to understand what the people of that city endured.

LuLu said...

Amen, beautiful tribute to a tragic day. My children and I went to mass this morning before school and prayed.

Cherie Wilson said...

Amen!! We live in a time when saying these powerful words and doing these powerful words are two different things. Thanks for your constant challenge to hearts to rise to that beauty within! You've got it girl! Thanks for showing us Rhonna and her challenge. Wonderful! Check out my friend Susie Larson's book "Uncommom Woman" It is right where you are speaking! Love ya in Jesus! XO

Raining Pearls said...

Thanks, this is my new mission statement!!!

Jo said...

I love to listen to your words. They stay with me during the day and pop into my thoughts when I have a quiet moment to myself. Thank you ~

Lissa said...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Janynne Sese said...

this post inspired me to pick myself up. People who are dear to me tries to belittle my being and this post actually helped me feel better. thank you :)

Nora said...

I've read your post over a few times...I love it. I think I need to wake up everyday and read that to myself...Thank you for continuing to inspire!

Julie Harward said...

I just found your blog this morning..LOVE it! I really liked the quote also, especially about being happy for other success, not enough of that!
I sang the led in "the king and I"..i noticed that that was one of your likes.
I started to blog last Christmas at the insistance of my daughters and I just love it. I live in So. Central Utah, red rock country, come say hi if you'd like..

Cristin said...