Saturday, February 13, 2010

{In All Things....}

Yep. What was my last post about?
Something about the beach and being done with the chill of winter.

I guess in theory if I have a cup of coffee, and the sun is somehow shining on my face,
I will find good in all things.

So here is my grand effort people!

Bed head messy hair, no makeup and all! Eeeeek!
Or, it was about 7am and I did not yet have my wits about me!
Just keeping it real with ya.

Honestly, the snow is beautiful!
Soooooo.......In all things I will be thankful.

The sun is shining and little kids giggling in the snow, so how can I complain?
I just cannot.

Happy Winter Weekend to you all.
Happy Valentines too.


Beth said...

Such a pretty picture of you!
Enjoy the snow....and your coffee!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Farmgirl Paints said...

You are adorable...a little crazy sitting out there in the snow,but adorable none the less. Happy weekend sweetie.

Angie said...

Well you still look gorgeous at 7 am with no make up and bed hair! :)

Jo said...

You are beautiful {inside and out} even at 7 in the morning!

A fresh snow and children giggling always brings a smile to my face.

Have a wonderful weekend ~

LuLu said...

Happy Weekend sweet friend!! You look terrific.... enjoy your coffee this cozy weekend.... i'll think of you when I pour my morning coffee :)

Angelica Bays, said...

Eeep! You're gonna freeze your little hiney off out there! Git inside this instant, young lady!

Southern Sugar said...

You my friend are beautiful inside and out! I love this picture and what you shared here :)

I was supposed to be in Hotlanta (notsohot, i know) this weekend until the weather hit. Its beautiful, but I'm kinda glad I'm home.

I too am sooo ready for flip flops, tan lines and sandy feet!
Blessings and hugs to you girly!

Anonymous said...

Geweldige: jij in de sneeuw in je pyjama met koffie !
Gorgious: you in the snow in your pyjama's with koffie !
I feel like sitting down with you in the morning sunlight

Have a wonderful sunday

Godeliva van Ariadone

Lissa said...

such a pretty picture! Happy valentine's day!

Lissa said...

such a pretty picture! Happy valentine's day!

Jack Foster said...

Great attitude! God bless.

Dita said...

Now THERE is that beauty I have missed so long.

So good to see you again, K...I have missed you!

THank you for the beautiful comments you always leave me. It is so good to see your name there.

Big Valentine Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kristin, Thank you for visiting my blog once again. As for translating from dutch into english, go to the left sidebar and there is a Google gadget, use the small arrow and pick english; then the text will be translated. Not very excellent..but it is something for you at least.
I hope it does work. Please visit again, have a very good februari week.
Godeliva van Ariadone said...

Well, this is an awesome picture! how did you not crawl into a ball and shiver?

Kudos to the photographer, could not of captured a more perfect photo of the sun shining right on your face! Obviously they had a good subject to work!

Yours in Health, Robin

paige said...

so beautiful!!

julie said...

you are beautiful! arent you cold out there?

annechovie said...

Thanks for the uplifting reminder, Kristin! You look great, btw!

Tara said...

You are darling...and making me cold at the same time!! I love that you are finding beauty in the small things...and holding on through the winter, hang in there girlie!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture!