Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{Happy St. Patty's Day Thought}

For Today:

I woke up early waiting to see what Beth Moore had to say.
She is like E.F. Hutton to me. When she speaks I listen. Just saying.
I watch her every Wednesday morning before the rooster starts crowing next door.
Yes, I said rooster next door. No I really don't live in the country, smile.
But the rooster thinks he does, smile!

Beth shared a verse that I thought was something good to write on the heart today.

"Stay Alert, Stand Firm in your Faith, SHOW COURAGE, Be Strong."
1 Corinthians 16:13 (NET)

I love that!

Beth then said as I was writing my notes quickly...

• Simply -Walk it out!

• Jesus is Brave, and I am going to walk these steps in FAITH because Jesus lives in me.

• Consider what COURAGE looks like in light of and in the midst
of your situation. See what God says about it and then
act as if Courageous and know that God is right in the very center of that courage.
So simple!
That is walking it out Trust in Christ, to write the story well.

Praying and hoping with all my heart your steps before you solid~good today
and that your heart is just filled with smiles and gladness.

God has your back today and always.
Trust him. He can be trusted.

Pinky Promise with all my heart I will trust Him with everything in me too!

Are you game? Please say yes.

Happy St. Patricks Day to Ya!

My apologies for being out of the blogging world.
I have read your blogs but would rather write heartfelt comments and not just something random.
Just crazy~daisy work efforts as of late that have my attention.
I promise to be back in the swing of things soon.

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Lissa said...

good post girlie. Now I have that song in my head. Walk it out... now walk it out... to you know it? it's kindof a rap song

Farmgirl Paints said...

I have missed you. So cute you have a rooster next door. I have a thing for roosters.

Great post. Being courageous even if you don't feel it. So good! I'm the same way with Beth...when she speaks I listen. Happy St. Paddy's day to ya girlie:)

fairmaiden said...

I like the line...Jesus is brave. thanks for the encouragement...I read this outloud to my hubby whom lost his job two months ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie, good to see you posting!! and you always have such heartfelt posts...thank you! happy St. Patties day to love the song playing! :)

Julie said...

Hope you had a good St. Patty's Day!

Great post! I'm going to make note of that verse. It's a good one.

paige said...

walk it out...that lissa is too funny & now i too will have that darn song in my head :)

hope you're having a super day

Southern Sugar said...

I just read several of your most recent posts and they all touched my heart so deeply. I adore your outlook on things. I'm sure I will be looking back at these posts to help remind me. I feel so lost and helpless about my situation and i need to trust Him more! Thanks for sharing your heart. And when I sound likea normal person again I will give you a shout :)

Sweet Grace Farms said...

Rapping it right now with a lot of leg tapping. You are always the encourager!! Love you much.

Jetta... said...

Thank you... Everyone keeps metioning Beth Moore...I think I am supposed to be listening. :)