Friday, June 11, 2010

{A Happy Girl and a Laugh with a Clap}

Please forgive me for being selfish in this post...and it being long too!

Yes to my family...Sandra laughs like I do!

This week has been a train wreck for me.

No, no, it was not Wednesday's traffic court appearance for a $385 speeding ticket.
I mean on the day of the speeding incident, I was heading to my dear friends baptism no less.
Her baptism was beautiful and deeply touching.

Yes, you all post pictures of your life events but cameras were NOT allowed at this life event.
I am just sayin! Eeeek!
Could you imagine me raising my hand in court and asking the judge for a picture and saying "This is for my blog"....oh my! I mean he seemed nice enough, so he might have been game. I was not going to push it.
I am a rules follower after all and a law abiding citizen people!

It is not every day one is well... in a court room ever, unless necessary and hear the judge look at the so called accused and say..."Oh, I understand Mr. convict,
you were just seeing if you could grow it?!!!! I get it, with the so called Mr. convicts obvious response...
"Exactly your Honor!"...sorry, I was like...."what?"!!!!! And he kept a straight face saying this!
A regular green thumb this guy.

Hold on...I thought I was in traffic court?! Ahem.

And of course I will now use the excuse to say to the judge
"I just wanted to see if my car could go 85 in a 55....
200 feet before a toll booth with 50 cents in my hand!" :)
I was not going that fast...I promise! I am not even kidding you!

Gracefully they were very kind to me...but the fine did not change. $385...sadness!

It was also not from being bucked off of my niece's horse {Chief} which spun my Mom into a 20 minutes of laughter until she was almost crying. She literally could not stop laughing. I might have said some @##^%&*!!! words! We are being real here right?! :)

{Chief...aka Baby and Myself having a gentle moment}

At any rate, this week has been really heart painful. Oh yes, I said that already, but it has been.

I figure though if I can find joy in the midst of this excruciating journey...
I will NEVER take real JOY and real SUNSHINE for granted EVER.
If you are going through hard I want to tell you that joy can be found.
Are you game?!

So...I needed a smile and these videos brought that to me.
I found the silliness trying to find Sandra's hair color because my colorist
last time thought I was in need of much more blonde that God brought me here with!

To make sense of the videos for you concerning me......
People come up to me and say I look like or remind them of Sandra Bullock.
I know you might be thinking NO WAY...don't see it.
I really don't see that when I look in the mirror but smile that they would see that in me.
But do see some of it in my personality to find smiles in hard places.
I do love to laugh much like she does and will find funny in hard if I have to!
Just sayin...
I guess that is what they are seeing is similar. I don't know.
At any rate...
I want to be funny like her...I don't think I am but, silly, yes.
I would love to be beautiful like her, but glad God made me beautiful like me.
I want to be true like her.
Strong like her.
Kind and giving like I hear she is.
Brave like her.
Non judgmental like her.
Elegant, yet sunshine like her.
I don't know that I am any of these things....
But I am me and grateful.

When I laugh I clap my hands like she does!
And I have her nose....let's just be real.
Yes, yes, I about fell out of my chair watching this.
So please know you might not giggle but, my family soooooo will.
I thought I was the only one! I can't help it people.
This blog is about being real...right? {Wink!}
So this laughter clap is something I have never seen before.
I really deny doing this action when I laugh completely.
My family will kid me about this...and Wendy my sister will mimic me.
I can take it if it makes others giggle too.
So this post is to find laughter because I need that like never before in my life.

You might laugh like this too and well, since my Mom says I remind her of Sandra Bullock too {Thank you are too kind!} it might be a good thing after all.

I pray that my family will get kick out of this at my expense and now Sandra's but I am sure Sandy would giggle at the thought.

Does anyone else do this kind of laughter?
I mean besides me and now Sandra?

Hope her giggles bring you a smile to the beginning of your weekend.

I will find a way to smile because I really think that living as happy girls
make us well, the most beautiful of girls....I mean women...ahem! :)

Where ever you are in life...I pray you find amazing smiles, forgiveness, love and sunshine true.
The End.


Farmgirl Paints said...

You WILL! Love her laugh. It's contagious:)

Sweet Grace Farms said...

What a hoot! She is so beautiful, even when being a goofball. And yes you laugh just like her head thrown back no noise and hands clapping like crazy. It makes me laugh even harder. Of course the sight of you flying through the air off the bucking horse tickled me a little too. Your whole face said "how dare you, you #*!# horse".

Anonymous said...

That is why I love her means, when we should fall into a laughter, I could easily love you too !
Lovely post.

paige said...

love that sandra!
love her!!

had to laugh at your mama's comment about that damn horse!
thinking that one's gonna follow you for quite some time my friend.
guess you better just laugh huh?

sorry your week has been a humdinger.
YOU will rise above it all though! you will!
you already are

Jo said...

Sorry to hear you've have such a ucky week. You always manage to put such a positive spin on life.

Love Sandra ~ laugh and all! :)

Enjoy your weekend~

paperbird said...

I adore sandra, how can you not she is genuinely beautiful inside and out- I see that in you. although I don't know you but through your beautiful blog I still sense that gift of a genuine heart and you are so beautiful.

I got a ticket last week too. I cried :-(

LuLu said...

Sandra make me smile... as you do!!! I giggled over your horse incident... with your &**@@ words and your mom laughing...icky traffic ticket...
wishing you joy, giggles and so much more you are such a blessing,

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

OH what a lovely post:)

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

OH what a lovely post:)