Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{A Dog and Some Peace}

Just peace in the midst. That is all I am saying here.

Even the thought of the beach brings a a peaceful feeling. Ya know?!

And well a couple of quotes for your day.

The hardest struggle of all is to be something
different from what the average man is.
Charles M. Schwab

You cannot be lonely if you like the person {you} you're alone with.
W. D.

Learning to like one's own company,
or the company of God alone
is a true art and
open hand - lean into God for joy and grace necessary
and realize He desires an obedient and
willing heart to see one through in real.
To bring compassion and bring faith and joy unwavering.
And God smiles as he refines as precious metal and finds a
way to use one's soul {my soul, your soul} for His good
and bring smiles whole again.
-Me, Kristin

I trust and know He just will!

Happy Day to You.

Please forgive I have had this image for a while now but do not know the source. Ugh! But I like it.


Wanda said...

Oh, I love that. So, so true.

Lissa said...

that is so cute!

paige said...

awh, so cute

paige said...

ok so blogger is wigging out
just freaked & posted my comment like 46 times
& it won't let me delete.ugh

Jo said...

So sweet!
Love the quotes.

Have a wonderful day~

Raining Pearls said...

Great post! Dealing with the lonely thing by falling for God and myself in this process :) Love that pic!

Farmgirl Paints said...

That last quote kind of got me. I feel lonely a lot. I know that's part of the reason I started blogging. I love contact with people. But it's also a good thing to just sit with yourself. Just BE. I was even thinking about that this morning. So thanks for that. Peaceful sweet beach dreamin' friend.

Dita said...

Great image, Honey, and the quotes really do speak to me.

Yep, gotta love ME for me to love YOU...and I do ME...and I do YOU, my sweet friend.


Sweet Grace Farms said...

For those that don't truely know you I am sorry, because it has been my great and blessed joy to see the beautiful butterfly that is immerging from the cocoon you've called home. You have grown into a "stunning", lovely women that is learning to call Christ her home. Few know the sorrow you have bravely and quietly endured and yet you look expectantly at the next window that God will open. I am honored to call you my daughter and my friend!

paperbird said...

I love the 2nd quote- and your thoughts about it are are so beautiful. You are a lovely person Kristin- your spirit shines.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Been thinking of you. Miss you!