Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{I wish I was....)

On that beach that is!

But I will live this day so grateful as if I am sitting in peace as
I listen to the waves of my...well, white noise machine {Smile!}
in my office as I work.
I think there is an ocean sound I can push....Oh, why yes there is! ;)

...and she smiles and feels peace in her soul that passes all understanding!

Humor is an affirmation of dignity,
a declaration of man's
superiority to all that befalls him.

-- Romain Gary

I believe that true. Praying your day filled with gentle smiles
and peace that feels like a sweet waves going in and out
on a gorgeous summer day, with a perfect breeze.

And well one of those drinks with the cute umbrellas {wink!}.

Hoping your day peaceful and filled with solid joy that is unwavering
to chaos, or uncertainty that may surround your day.

Sending you bright soul~shine so catch it please!

1 comment:

paige said...

me too
definately prefer to be sitting on the beach. if i'm this hot then surely the ocean waves should be crashing near by....