Monday, September 6, 2010


“Beauty is how you feel inside,
and it reflects in your eyes.
It is not something physical.”
-Sophia Loren

I realize that beyond all circumstances, beyond this human deal,
or a day full of challenges that
light can resonate through a soul real and solid.
Yep, even my soul that can get muddy at times....that is life people,
but shine is gonna come through, it just is, wink!

Or I am determined to believe it can. So it will be.

My niece pictured by the way shines this light through her eyes brilliantly.
She is light to the soul, to me or to any life she touches.
She can laugh at her mistakes and find giggles in anything.
I thought about times in her life that she has cried. I cannot even think of one time.
She seeks the good in life, God in life and the joy in life and she is as brave as they come.

So, for your day I am praying your eyes shine bright today...
You know, in a way deep inside your insides as if you could touch the shine, hold it,
smile with it and say life is good no matter the day.

So, what would it take to shine?....

....To smile with your eyes from your soul?

...To slam the door shut on fear and have faith?

...To open the windows of sunshine all the way to the deep inside of you?

...To be a glass overflowing in a very real tangible way?
Not in a fake try hard, but in a breathing out, real way of peace and soul kinda shine!

My prayer over you today is that you feel that shine deep in your soul
and that darkness has to dissipate because of hopes light.

I am willing to give shine a chance and kiss fear goodbye...for good!
I am talking only real stuff here people...NOTHING FAKE, but a thankful heart!

So for today would you be willing to let go of fear and try please along with me?

I hope YES!

Have a good to your soul kind of day.


Farmgirl Paints said...

such a good pic of the two of you. he definitely shines bright in you kristin. little twinkle life you:)

paperbird said...

Kristin you are so beautiful- there is an amazing glow that shines from those gorgeous eyes and from the words you share with us. I love feeling the sweet spirit that I ALWAYS find here.

3 Peanuts said...

What a beautiful prayer. Mine for you is the same:)

Sweet Grace Farms said...

That little girl is just a snuggle bug. She is a light to the world. How lucky we are to have her.