Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{Tuesday Thought}

"Courage is being scared to death 
and saddling up anyway."

- John Wayne

Some days I live in joy.
Some days I want to wave a white flag and surrender.

Do you ever feel that way?

I woke up...ok I did not sleep, rrrrrr....ugh...oh well....
So, I got quiet in my soul and found peace beyond life's circumstances, 
as I laid each burden and each hope down before God to keep my focus right on Him.

Always having to turn my focus to him I do. 
I am a stubborn girly at times...most of the time!

I desperately and gently want Him alone to find true 
in me and my walk real and shine His light bright!

No, I am not religious. I am just a real woman trying 
to do this life well and realize I can't alone.
I desire to give and find a real way to love people well and bring 
life a smile of hope to many the way He would hope I would.
I don't want to fail Him is what I am saying.

Is it just me or do you find it easy to love others, 
but hard to give yourself grace?
I fight this in me. It is real.

Soooo...I figure if sleep would not find a way, I would take on my day.
I got up and headed downstairs at 4:00ish am and worked out hard.
I felt weight of the world lifted off in glistening (sweat).
I love that feeling. But I like jumping out of planes too so who am I to say...wink!

I prayed...I said thank you God for my blessings 
and prayed for my people, and tried to listen too.


Then got to work with a headache that is trying to take me out!!!!!!
There is nooooo southern comfort in ragweed!!!!!!!!

I want to keep a joyful and thankful heart. I just do.

and pray...."Dear Daddy, make this headache subside.
This girly needs to focus on her work. Pretty please...AMEN!"

...and then I found sinus meds in my purse...as if a gift from heaven I tell ya....
still waiting for it to kick in...any moment....tap tap tap! ;)

It is in those moments 
I remember I come from a line of what
we call ourselves....

Cold Mountain Girlies...

and remember my niece on a day I felt beat down say....

"We girls don't give up Kiki! We come from a line of Brave women."

She is nine and she is right! 

We dust ourselves off, find gentle peace and light, 
get thankful...and get back on the life saddle 
and ride into life Brilliantly.

I pray you ride life brilliantly today and really every day,
as if each second is your first breath, beyond all you feel that you find a 
grateful heart and just feel good through and through!

So to life I say Mwaaaaahhh, and kiss this life of mine as if kissing sunshine itself...
and look any fear in the face and Smile gently and keep a thankful heart
only to find real kind of joy and soul shine that is not dusted off because it is on the inside.

Sending you much soul shine that cannot be dusted off...so don't even try!

Praying you great joy today that makes you shine from the inside out!

And smile big...the end!


paige said...

well howdy partner!
hopin' that headache of your heads west.
sorry..i couldnt resist

great catching up today
thanks for praying for my girl
i love knowing you have our back

Farmgirl Paints said...

I have a headache from he**. It's a bad one...stress induced. Friendship issues in the land. So I hear ya loud and clear. No amount of ibuprofen is going to make it better either.