Thursday, January 6, 2011

{A girl and her silly self portrait out-takes}

Soooooooo, in the process of taking this self portrait deal for my new profile image, I had to giggle once I began going through my images. I can be silly and love to laugh out loud and smile along this journey of life with my people. I thought, "Kristin, if you are going to show the new image in your profile, you might as well be totally real here to show the behind the scenes out-takes of your self portrait giggles too." There are oh too many fish kiss faces, kiss the sky faces, quiet faces and silly faces because I had a hard time taking this process seriously....and well, the flash of light that became my companion as if smiling too along with me {ahem, smile!}. At any rate, just real, just silly, just whole, just all parts of me.


I just thought today is as good as any day to just shine a little silly, set some great goals and let go of cares.

Happy Friday, Happy weekend. I hope your moments are beautiful for you.


paperbird said...

you are so beautiful kristin.
i love each sweet and silly picture. one of the things that i like best about you is that you are SO real- well i have never met you in person but one can sense these things!
have a beautiful weekend dear kristin.

paige said...

look at you!!!
so fun
so fun to laugh with you
so fun to see YOUR beautiful face!


Angie said...

I LOVE this solo photo shoot!!! You look B E A U-tiful! ;)

Chris said...

You are gorgeous. No matter what expression you make, its still beautiful.
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