Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Shine Brave}

What if we were to live life with bravery?

I am not speaking of a forced kind of bravery.

What I am speaking of however, is a confident bravery that stands steadfast somehow beyond us.

The kind of bravery that helps us stand in true hope.

I have been thinking about the life of David in the bible much as of late. Often my heart resonates with him. I don't know if it is because I have had to face fears that I never thought imaginable in my life. We all have things of fear we have to face. Not one of us untouchable. I think that it could be that I see and admire that beyond fear that David conquered Goliath, as if to face valiantly this giant with his sling shot and small stones, but without fear. Or, did he have great fear, but trust was bigger...was his faith bigger? It could be that he like us had a life that holds sin, {We humans tend to do that, even though they look a bit different, ugh!} and went to God {finally after much} just honest and with a true contrite heart willing to face his life to change for the better. In the end God used it to show His love in forgiveness, to show His love in strength beyond measure and just His solid grace when we are willing to turn our faces and our lives towards His and create a life so worth living.

I think God then will just wink at us with a smile and allow us to see that our brave was in us all along. That makes me smile thinking that could actually happen.

Just takes a little believing or faith of a mustard seed, you know.

Wishing you an amazing day full of brave and praying you smiles too.

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Julie said...

I love the concept of faith beyond fear. I was running errands today and thinking about all the things I'm afraid of that I didn't used to be. I needed this post to remind me who my confidence is in. :) Thank you! Hope you're having a wonderful day!