Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Just a Thought}

Thinking today on all that is amazing in this life.

The sunshine is out today and it is beautiful.

Which can I say makes this girl{me}
that adores sunshine, smile so very much.

It has been a couple of days full of
white wonder with beautiful snow in the South.
I have enjoyed the adventure of it all, or found
a sense of humor in the midst.

I mean when else in life does one get to experience...

...The creative adventure of cooking with frozen food in my freezer,
and sharing via cell phone with my life long kindred friend, Paige
the hilarity as I would read through
the steps as if a real recipe. The last step was always
to place the item on a plate so it looked as if from scratch.
Is it just me or do these meals look nothing like
the picture on the box? Just saying it makes one think.
But seriously grateful to have food, period.

...The adventure of pretending I was a Northern girl who knew exactly how
to shovel the snow{ice!} from my driveway so I could drive to Starbucks.
{This probably brought my Northern neighbors a giggle in viewing!}
Starbucks was calling my name as if I could hear the whisper audibly after
working in my home office for a solid three days straight...
today is day four.
And that my friends is what cabin fever and
a bit too much "me" time does to one's mind.
{No, I am not serious, or am I? Just kidding(insert wink}.
Honest truth, this girl needed to see a human smile.
Happy to report with a smile that people do still exist. Whew!

...The gift of having a visit from a kind soul that brought me chicken soup and a smile in conversation, just because.

...and I sit grateful.

So, I am just happy and thankful over the
gorgeous-glow shining {Sunshine} now in the sky!

Hoping your day ahead is full of sunshine
and just wonderful in every way.

poster image via: etsy


mimi charmante said...

Great sentiment! Love it!
It shall be my motto today~

Farmgirl Paints said...

you can have the snow. the thing i loved most about your quote card was the color. i'm so in need of color. that yellow made my heart sing!

Julie said...

Wishing you lots of sunshine too!

paige said...

yay for real soup
& yay for a venture to starbucks!!

would you believe my girlies are home for day 5? well of course you would because all of atl is still home for day 5.

this beach girl is needing some warmer weather for sure!

Lissa said...

well you got some exercise shoveling the snow. You made a friend laugh with your silliness. I'd say you are doing a great job of be happy think happy.