Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{Nike inspired me to fly...You can too!}

Because I am gonna fly!

A little Nike inspiration for ya.

Albeit, glistening {SWEATY} haired-girl, yes.
But that smiling-happy-go-lucky free feeling is so worth that cost!

I love that feeling! Even if it is hard work.

Do you run? If not and you want to, you can start with walk/running.
I started this way.
You just gotta tell yourself "I can do this!"
And you can! I promise!

Here is a cool challenge. I signed up for it this morning.
It is out there for the world to see, so no backing out.
Or, I won't let me back out!

I have run for years and always done things behind the scenes in challenging myself.
The me in the past would possibly not tell you how far
I ran until ...well, ya know, I conquered my goal... {Silly pride, really!}.

OK, I would however, giggle with you
and tell you that I tripped over road-kill varmint running not long ago
and it flew up in the air and I screamed {like a girl, because I am!}
as a person driving saw me and smiled and then I laughed hard.
I find daily life is so silly sometimes and it might make you giggle too
{Yes, that actually happened! And I went back
once to see a dead snake, but that is another story!}.

I did not call dibs, but the varmint seemed to call dibs on me as it flew in the air! Oh my!
But, the me that is NOW, has to start somewhere again.

So in this journey you will see the good and well, the days I feel
all out-of-breath-aint-gonna-run-today-because-I-don't-wanna-be-out there!
... and be all good with it and just smile at my silliness...and get out there and run.

During November before work took every waking second,
I was running 4.5 miles in the morning and 4.5 miles at night.
Yes, that is 9 miles a day, everyday, but I wanted to challenge myself and
it was a great place for me to direct any stress from work.
And pound out any frustration I had with the world.

But a part of it I realized at one point was not healthy!
I know you are saying..."Ummmmmm yes, that
equates to unhealthy or just plain crazy! {Insert Smile}!"

I can be a "Game-On" competitive kinda girl.

Then HALT! I stopped running.

I needed perspective, to confront some things in life and just good sweet rest!!!!!!

Anyone who might be a runner, or the runners I
know when one starts running again, it is as if one has never run.
As in EVER! Or it feels that way.
Well, the first day is wonderful running.....then....not so much!

If not for you, then it definitely happened to me. My will needed to kick in!

I have begun again, to feel the freedom running brings again one step at a time.

I started with 2 mile runs...and breathing heavy.
The first day back...AMAZING!
Then ouch...
My body felt like molasses, so I walked in-between runs the first couple of weeks.

But something happened in my heart and this week it all changed.
I ran 3-4-5 miles consecutively for the last three days and for the right reasons.

I ran for the sheer joy of running, period!
I felt myself , albiet out of breath, {Oh my land!} but, I was SMILING!
I ran because it just felt good to feel my ponytail flapping back and forth.
I was just happy to be there and thankful to just be present in the moment and enjoying it!
Happy to feel free and positive.
It felt good to sweat {Ahem, I mean southern-girl talk for"glisten"!}.
I love that feeling. My hair gets soaked and mascara is everywhere, but I don't care!

I ran and sang {loudly} to great music that I love.
And it felt so dang good. Oops...I mean "dang" in the most endearing of smile terms!

I just added a minute, then another minute every time.
I mean that is how the 9-plus mile a day deal happened.
Yep, by adding one minute at a time.

This time around I am doing it because it just makes me smile,
and something that I can do by myself, or share with another, or many.
Some of the best conversations and laughter I have ever had have come out of running.
Some of those conversations are what helped me overcome athletic asthma in the past.

If I can do it, seriously ANYONE can!

So if any of you are doubter's, give it a try.
You might well find yourself achieving more than you thought possible.

I double-dog-dare you actually!

So, in this I found this Nike challenge and thought..."You know if you are doing it, well it might be good for another to want to sign up and feel that same feeling you feel when running."

Thank you NIKE! I love you! Mwahhh for making me feel inspired.

Lastly, I want to do a shout-out for my life-long kindred friend.
Paige is training for a half marathon to run at her favorite place, the beach.
She ran 8 miles on Sunday! You go girly! So very proud of you and happy for you!


chrissy said...

you know when you go to a blog that seems as if it were just MEANT for you that particular day.
thank you for sharing this story. i am a "was runner". i never ran a marathon or anything but i could gut out a 10 mile run if a promise of breakfast was at the end. that lead into triathlons...which i loved.
a bad back halted me...but i am doing so much better and have thought about starting up again. that feeling of "I FEEL LIKE I HAVE NEVER RUN A STEP BEFORE IN MY WHOLE LIFE" has kept me at bay however and today...your post has pushed me over the edge.
thank you for sharing...i.m going to put on my running shoes.

Kristin said...

Chrissy that makes me smile! You go girl!

kerrie of sea cottage said...

You girls are sure inspiring me. I really really really miss being a runner. I was a cross country and long distance track runner in H.S(four years varsity in both)...running was my life(and art). I loved running. In college I ran 10k and 15k races until I joined the crew team(rowing). I ran 10 miles a day and rowed mornings and afternoons...I was extreme. We won the Nor Cal championships though. Then I got married, began having babies...bought a baby runner and kept running. By the third baby I couldn't do it all anymore. That is when I began walking. In the past 10 yrs I've tried to start running, even trained 6 mos for a 10k, but only to get injured or sick. I'm 44 and keep hearing (its never too late) so I know I need to try again. Thank you to you and Paige for inspiring me this week. are in amazing shape!!!!! My body has not looked like that since college. :) You go girl. ox

Farmgirl Paints said...

Okay between you, Paige and Lissa I'm bound to get inspired to run right? Actually I did in 4 miles. It hurt though. Geesh those first 2 miles about did me in. You look great. Just make sure to eat enough when you run like that. Holy cow are TINY!

paige said...

you know i love it when you post a real you post.
your pics
& your words
bring it on baby!

paige said...

& you go girl with your bad a%* running challenge!!!
&thank you for the shout out. you have always been such a loyal cheerleader to me xo

Amanda said...

Awesome challenge. Funny story. Inspiring story. I love it all! You go girly!

PS. My daughter and I will be running together for the first time in the Earth Day 5K. :)

Lissa said...

I just love to run. I run with a smile on my face sometimes too. but today it was HARD! no energy. some days are like that. This is a fun challenge.

seriously, the road kill thing, grody!

Shell in your Pocket said... go girl! Sounds fun!

sandy toe

Elsabe van Vuuren said...

I love your blogs! You are such an inspiration.

I don't even know you, but you are like a big sister to me, setting the example!

gb said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I am/was a runner till my recent partial mastectomy. As soon as I get the ok from my docs I am going to hit the pavement again. I know it will be slow going for awhile but am looking forward to this summer when I lace up and run a 1/2 marathon (my favorite distance). I will continue to check in for more inspiration.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you go girl!
talk about inspiring!

when i got home from the gym yesterday...
have neglected it SO much lately... oh my...
it was amazing how great it made me feel.
my skin looked better... i felt better... had a zip in my step.
i've missed that.
you're so right... it IS a good thing.
not just for health but...
an all around good to go feeling. :O)

thanks for the lift!
next time i want to not go... i'll think of you kicking booty! :O)

paperbird said...

well look at you cute girl- i hope you know how beautiful you are?

we run in bootcamp- i am always (almost always)
the last one in but still i love it.
it is quite the challenge for me because i have asthma. but i love the feeling i get when i run. it makes me feel so alive!

i try to avoid all road kill- yuk!