Friday, April 1, 2011

{A new bundle of joy named Ralph!}

Something amazing has happened in my life!

I have a new Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, a single woman with a new baby! Oh my!

No, no, this is not a Jerry Springer moment people, but it sounds like it doesn't it? {Wink!}

They told me his name when they asked if I wanted him....They said his name is Ralph.

I said, " R•A•L•P•H?"

I thought...., Ralph is an interesting name in this day and age?
However, as I was being told the details, a grin came over my face

and I lit up like I have not in a long while!

I knew right then and there that Ralph would make my eyes and soul shine!
I was ready for him right then! No rest for the weary.
Ralph would give me smiles in my day...and into some nights, as being a Mama
of this guy is no small task.

And I am thrilled to say that I smiled so very much when I looked into those big blue eyes.
I might have even shed a tear or two.

I got my new baby a week ago Friday......

Here he is...
He is a very handsome fella don't you think?!!!!

I feel so very blessed to state that the company I work for acquired
the Polo Ralph Lauren account as our new client.

Blessings come in all sorts of ways to many.

This is just a very cool way we as a company have been blessed
and given an amazing opportunity.

They have placed the care of this project in my hands to design.

I am just simply honored and will work hard to produce a product of excellence.

It is one of those dream clients that one keeps on a secret, "What If?", WOW list.

If you knew how small the company I work for is and the client base that
we have from Starbucks, to Tiffany & Co., each of which I have been fortunate enough
to work on, you would say we have been blessed! And we as a company are
making it through an economy that has been tough and called each of us to be brave.
So, I am thankful to have something very rare and cool to happen to
our team of people that will all work to make this excellent and magical!

On a personal note I wish I could begin to tell you how thrilled I am as
I live this lifestyle in taste in my home, clothing, how I carry myself
and even how I think concerning design.

....I just do.

Ralph Lauren also holds a tender place in my heart on a
personal level of a moment in time that changed my life forever forward and the
woman with a glow that I am today that can stand real, graceful, intelligent, funny
not just a woman trying to obtain stubborn perfection!

I am still stubborn and catch myself in my perfection efforts, but there is grace and
a sense of strength within this peaceful determination
now, which allows me to be
a woman that is human, a woman that is real, and to that I am thankful.

I promise to care for this baby well and count my blessings as I go.

"If you want greatness, you have to put the time into greatness.
You can’t have greatness overnight, and you can't have greatness
just because you snap your fingers.
I think the best thing that ever happened to me is that I was able
to express myself and find talents in me that I don’t think I have....
Did I do the right thing? Did I dig deep enough
and pull from creativity I did not think I had?
Am I settling for something that feels good to me?
I am drawing inspiration from my life....
The greatest pleasure is not accepting the ordinary but
a creative moment that says I reached higher and higher."

-Ralph Lauren

Images via Ralph Lauren


kerrie of sea cottage said...

Wow that is so very exciting!!! What a wonderful job you have. I know you will do an amazing job.

paige said...

wow...i first saw the i have a new baby & you freaked me out!!
i was hoping you had a new doggie.
didn't have time to open up & comment but congratulations to ya'll!!

Sweet Grace Farms said...

What an amazing opportunity for ya'll. And Ralph is lucky to have you too I must say. Everything he touches just makes me smile.

3 Peanuts said... Paige...I thought ralph was a puppy;)


tlj said...

So excited for you, Kristen! Congrats!

Windy Ridge said...

You had me going for a sec!

What a FUN baby!;) Congrats!


Parker said...

Man! So happy for you and your new relationship! Do you think you could talk to Ralph about expanding his line of big dudes clothes?

Peace out!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Well that's deserves a WOO HOO! So exciting. I'm sure you will do them proud!!

Donna said...

Sweet Kristin, that is so exciting!!! I am so happy for you and the company. You are going to do great girl! You are perfect for the job. Blessings and hugs your way!!!! :)

Fabulously french said...

Congratulations, that is what I call exciting news!


Dita said...

Well, now, then I think there may be a trip of two up to the Big Apple...where I will be waiting for you!

RALPH is near and dear to my heart (not only because it is my father's name and my Wonderboy's name too, though he uses his middle name mostly) but becuase it is the epitomy of elegance, class and design....just like you, my friend! You could easily be one of his models too!

I am very excited and proud that your company has landed such a crown jewel account and I can't wait to see what you will do with this opportunity!

Best wishes for every little thing!