Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{If One Can't Find Humor with Themselves....lol!}

"Great is the one who does not lose their child's heart."
-- Mencius

Or, well I might instead just be having challenges with my car's air conditioning system
that seemed to go out on my way to a Memorial Day BBQ, no less!
Even though it was 90+ degrees, I still love you car of mine!

I first thought and felt, "Rrrrrrr" and then thought, "Kristin, you love the feeling of wind,
and this is such a minor inconvenience to what really goes on in the world,
so you might as well find good still and be grateful!" And so, I did.

When life throws one lemons, finding positive and smiles in the midst
is the best kind of sugar to make lemonade, don't you think? I'm learning so much still.
So, I added to life some sugar and well, with the wind I might well
have caught a few bugs too, but you get my point!

Lemons or Lemonade? Most definitely, Lemonade!
These two images are what one might look like when passing a chicken farm.
I would prefer...hummm, let's see...., say a nice scent of citrus,
or say a scent with woodsy/vanilla undertones.

Breathe in and out of mouth only....ha ha ha. I am not even kidding you!
Becoming a chicken farmer is NOT, and I say NOT in my future destiny!
Note to God..."If we are made in Your image, then you must have a sense of humor,
so ahead of time...."Dear God, Please don't make me become a chicken farmer!"
"NO God, that would not be funny!"


If one can't find humor with themselves and be completely good with it, well then...
Just saying I see the real me that even though I do try to take care of what
the good Lord gave me, is quite silly at times and well, this
might knock the cliche just a little when people say that I always look put together
as if a news-reporter without a hair out of place!

I might well prove them wrong here! {Smile!}

And this my friends is how my wind-crazy hair looked once my car was parked {Eeeek!}.
I don't remember just jumping out of a plane a moment before, but my hair looks that way!
Where is that hairbrush that I thought I kept in my car when I need it most?!!!!

Note to self.....Find hair brush and take car to the dealership
to get the air conditioning fixed!

I hope your Memorial Day was restful and
and full of great smiles!

Thank you to those who serve and give your lives daily for this country.
We are humbled by your gift of service and so very blessed!

Have an amazing and blessed week ahead.


Sweet Grace Farms said...

you are so funny, that's life in the fast lane kiddo!

paige said...

of course you jumped out of a plane first. we all know that. wink!

3 Peanuts said...

You look gorgeous even all wind blown and smelling chicken farms:) My hubbies ac was broken too and in TX that is BAD!

Chris Graham said...

I absolutely love your post humor in the challenges of life make them less of a challenge!
Thank you for giving me a smile this Sunday evening.

Admin said...

Hai ,
You are looking cute in this pictures.

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paperbird said...

but chickens are so darn cute and full of personality dear kristin!xo