Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is this normal? I do wonder!

Finding humor with things I do in life that make no sense,
but make me smile, still.

Everyday one can find approximately 5-7 beverages on my desk and yes, lined up just like this.
I will deny slight-OCD if asked (lol), but we all know the truth! What is that saying?
You can lie to everyone else, but just don't lie to yourself!
Isn't there some proverb about Cleanliness is next to Godliness?
No people that saying is not actually in the bible, nope not even in the tiny print!
However, I might smile if it were tucked in there somewhere.

My many beverages have been sidekicks of sorts for a long while now.
I never thought a thing about
it other than just reaching
over for my beverage of choice for the moment while I worked. And yes, I drink all of them.
I must need liquid to perform my job tasks I am guessing....and so it goes;
Animate P&L Financial Report (check), Drink beverages (check, check, check, check & check!).
Kind of like being at a wine tasting of sorts, but not really at all! :)
However, the other day I happened to see all of
this liquid out of the corner of my eye while working and said....
"Oh my land, Kristin!"
I giggled at myself and well then, got shall we say a bit concerned if something might wrong with my need for this much liquid. I don't really think an image like this is listed on webmd.com, so I took an image and text my life-long precious friend and my sister who are both in the medical field to make sure all was OK?

Or, I am just really parched all the time I am guessing!!!!!

Between the daily kale/berry/coconut water protein drink,
7-10 vessels of sorts or more of water day and all of that caffeine in coffee/tea,
I am not certain if I am trying to be healthy or, just stay awake?
Awake indeed!

Do you ever do things in life that make you go hummmm?

Have a great day!

xoxo, A very thirsty me!


paige said...

very normal indeed
& i won't even comment about kidney function this time!

Jo said...

This could easily have been a photo of my desk! I'm the same way. It's no wonder I spend so much time in the bathroom :)


Farmgirl Paints said...

that good girl...you are staying hydrated AND alert;) my desk looks like that too. with cups of cold coffee, coke zero and sparkling water.

kace said...

You and Jenna are alike in this. The mass amounts of drinks and the OCD, that is. I commenting, aren't you proud??? also I have seen your house and it is very clean so don't play. Let's do dinner soon!

Mrs.B said...

I smiled when I saw this!~
SO normal...Love it! :)