Friday, July 29, 2011

{Because Smiles should be present in this Life!}

I needed a song to set my mind in a good place. Funny I know,
but I think music can change one's mood to happy, or inspire somehow... this girl is giving it a go and finding her happy place and smile brightly...just because! :)

Life has just been too busy with work (Yes, I need work-life balance as I can get caught up in work and that is not healthy...honesty is the first step, right?!). I am so grateful that I have work and never wish to take it for granted...., ever, but I doubt a post of my office interior would "WOW" another's soul. {Wink!}. I realize that fun moments and down time should matter too. Life should matter and the people we care about should matter. So, declaring to find time to enjoy life too.

I'm posting this song, because is just a good song, and the words are worth listening to. They each smile much throughout this video and seem to be having just a great time and well, I love how their voices sound singing together in unison...., pretty amazing! I want to smile like that in life as life should be funky-cool-creative with others, and inspiring and happy like that. So, if this video brings a smile to your day too, well then, that would be really great.

Please turn off music below if you wish to listen and well, the concert version is at the end, so if you do listen and watch, do give it a chance to play it to the end.

Sending you Smiles and many bright wishes Your Way for a Wonderful Weekend!


Farmgirl Paints said...

gotta love sugarland! have a great weekend.

paige said...

darn it, my computer is wonked out & won' t play continuously through. my buddy edie loves mumford & sons.
have a fantastic fun weekend girlie.
love this post

Cherie Wilson said...

so veeeeeeeeery good to see your blog, your inspiration, this song and YOU sweet girl! Feel the hug!