Friday, October 28, 2011

Fa La La? Yep it's here.

Our seasonal corporate Christmas decorating company {Holly Productions} has begun.

Yep, that's silly me above trying to find some lovin and my happy for this Charlie Brown half-lit tree.
In working much in life I can find that my attitude can be not so great. I can be really feisty actually.
That's the real of me that I don't want people to see.
I know I am very fortunate and blessed to have work, so I gave myself a swift talking to
and found my grateful place. I want to be a person that is grateful for the details.
Admittedly I am not always, but goodness I want to be. 

Why does this time of year ALWAYS take me by surprise? Hummm...leaves me perplexed!
I think, "Wasn't I just drinking some cold iced tea in the summer sunshine?".
This time of year came out of nowhere,
Like you know this "came out of nowhere" it is going to happen, 
but it pounces like a cat on the prey for a mouse and still takes me by surprise,
as if someone jumped out behind a door playing hide and seek and said, "BOO!"
I might still be in denial of this fa la la deal.

Well, denial (the Nile) ain't just a river in Egypt as they say. 
Yes, I said ain't, (smile). Being a southern girl this kind of talk is legal. 
Not proper by any means, but legal still, oh yes! Tee hee hee.
Kind of like people from the New England and surrounding areas, saying "Wicked",  
which doesn't mean wicked as in brouhaha or evil, but something "very" in the extreme 
and very good, cool and well, just awesome.
Oops. I seemed to vier off on a tangent for a moment. 
Back to Fa la la.

Since we began lighting trees and decorating behind the scenes last week,
and needing to jump in with both feet.
I smiled and thanked God for this crazy-beautiful business,
started trying to sing fa-la-la kind of music
and set my mind to serve Him somehow and bring great love on these 
Christmas lights and all our peeps working with us as we begin.

I want my heart to serve this year. To love on people well this year. To be able to offer a positive light.
I desire to remove my stubborn-feisty nature, be agile and bring great laughter and smiles.
To keep humble and remove pride in me that can be so prevalent.
I want to listen to understand and then be understood and keep an open mind to others ideas.
Please pray I do this adventure well and finish this season strong.

All things are possible to those that love Him. He said that, not me.

Praying it ahead of time to be a safe and see to fruition an amazing season full of all things bright!

Have an awesome Halloween weekend. 
Be safe and enjoy smiles much!

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Anonymous said...

Been too long and yet another year has begun in your wonderful Christmas Business. I hope you and your wonderful siblings and Mother have the most wonderful season of all this year!!!