Monday, December 19, 2011

These people above with me are just the coolest of people and I am blessed beyond measure.

My precious friend posted this verse today.

‎"my soul magnifies the Lord, for He has done great things for me!" Luke 1.46

It was given to her heart today, it's hers today, but I knew I needed to see it. 
As if God was like. "Hellooooo girlie, pay attention to this." So I did!
I knew I needed to speak this verse. I knew I needed it somehow to be laid gently and written solidly on my heart. I needed to be thankful and count my blessings one by one.

I see these people, my niece Gabrielle and my nephews Zachary and Jake and my heart somehow gets overwhelmed with how awesome I think they have turned out, but also what they mean to my soul.
That must be just an ounce of what it feels like to be a parent to a child.

I could easily sit and boast of their accomplishments which individually would be MANY, but as of late, kind of overwhelming in one good thing after another that makes me want to sing their praises! 


It's not their accomplishments I delight in. It's just NOT.  Certainly I applaud their great accomplishments, but what I love is their souls and the cool people they have become. Not perfect people, but in every way, great people and I just love being around them.

So, I just wanted to say I am thankful for each of them and that I simply love them. They are my blessing and I am grateful.

Have a blessed and amazing day!

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paige said...

ya'll are each blessed to have each other!!!
merry christmas my friend