Wednesday, April 11, 2012

...And I Smile Over The Days to Come!

She is clothed with strength and nobility {dignity, valor),
and she smiles over the days to come. 
Proverbs 31:25

Sometimes you've just gotta look back at your 
past and smile at how far you've come.

Funny, at a certain point in life you 
think you know everything and have it figured out 
and life seems good, or how it should be...

...and then hits you an elephant

...on a Safari 

...running at you with all his might.

No, I did not sign up for a virtual life Safari,
and DO NOT recall writing, 
"Going Through Valley of the Shadow of..., Eeeeeek." 
on my bucket list.
Who would do that? Not me!
Or, did I miss the have-to-life-payment in fine print 
on my tax form somewhere?
I need to start reading the fine print, I tell ya! {wink}

But, I wouldn't trade the last three years that has had me
literally on my knees, skinned, scraped and bruised,
but gently and earnestly on my face before my maker.
No matter how challenging to my heart it has been, 
I have learned so very much and God has walked with me to
get to the end of my fears, my failures and my unforgiveness that I kept holding onto and show me that He alone is Enough, and He is. I know that God is never a part of evil, please know this, but I do think He allowed me to go through some extreme times in order to turn my face to Him, become real, face me and learn how to walk in truth and grace to find solid faith.

I have said from the beginning of all of this, 
"If I can find joy right here, right in the midst of these trials, then I will be the most fortunate girl in the world." 
And I am! 

I smile more than I ever have in my life, 
not because life is easy, it's not, but because it's worth it 
to truly walk forward in grace, to become the kind of person that might just be able to shine a light, His light. 

I can truly state that I am gently 
"Clothed in Strength and Dignity and can 
Smile Over the Days to Come."

If you're going through life challenges, keep walking forward and 
keep pressing through, no matter what!
Even if you didn't write "Hell" on your bucket list, either!
You will get through it, learn to breathe and find great smiles,
and gain much even in the center of any storm and 
a trust in our creator that is 
greater than you can even imagine. If you look for Him,
you will find Him and 
your life will shine brighter than the sun.

I promise.

What could you not accept, if you knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present, and to come, are known 
and gently cared for by One Whoes only purpose is your good?

Praying and hoping your day is filled with
smiles, courage and so very much more 
in good than you can even imagine.

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paige said...

this is very beatuiful friend
not sure how i missed it the first time around :)