Friday, March 23, 2007

More Sugar

Okay, I have not yet talked of the other people in my life and am still
trying to gather images, to place the people I so care about.

So, let me introduce you to more of my family. The Stuermers. My sister, Kelly, her husband R.J. and her kids (young and good looking up and coming adults), Jacob (Jake), Gabrielle (Breezy) and Zachary (Zach). I hope to have kids this beautiful one day!

Oops. I need a moment. Having a hard time downloading these images. They are probably too beautiful for ones eyes to hold, so that is why it is complicated.
I will have the images up in a few. Until then, just take my word for it, this is one good looking family!

Okay, I am still having a hard time getting any images pulled in. I have visited this a couple of times now. Like I stated, I am new at this probably user error somehow on my end. I hope to get the images up soon.

I still have two more sisters and a Mom to come. Always leave them wanting!

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