Friday, March 2, 2007

My Sweet Pea People

Above is a picture of my niece Peyton Grace on a boat with the wind in her hair. I call her my LuluPie and she calls me, Kiki and sometimes Kiki LaRue (she pronounces it, Kiki Maloo). I cannot describe my love for her. Even though she is not my daughter, I feel as if she is the greatest gift that God has bestowed in my life. She has taught me so very much about laughter, experiencing true joy and well, that one should choose to skip instead of walking and that sweet glitter blow kisses are to be held tightly to the soul. She has this vive for life and has helped me capture moments in time that I will sew gently in the tapestry of my heart.

Question to ponder...When in life do we stop skipping? Peyton Grace skips everywhere she goes and I see other children do this. It got me thinking, when as adults do we find that skipping is not important?

Okay, it could be just me being partial, but I think she is just the cutest! Gotta love her inner smile!

My sister Kelly and her hubby R.J. Such pretty people they are, inside and out!

Anthony. This shows what he looks like without birthday silliness below. He does always keep that smile on his face though.

Anthony and Peyton Grace at his 36th surprise birthday. They both love to laugh and enjoy life in a big way. Peyton Grace thinks he is hillarious and often states, "Kiki, you are funny", then with a giggle states how much funnier Anthony is! They probably would get mad at me over this photo being published, but it does capture their attitudes when around one another. Two peas in a pod!

At any rate this is my first shot at blogging. I am certain that there will be many more giggles to come.

Have a sweetly blessed day and may the sun shine brightly on your face.

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paige knudsen said...

awesome!! yippie!! yeah!!!
what a great addition to blogworld you'll be!!!!
thanks for posting the pics of the girls...they will be so tickled.
happy first birthday kristins blog!!